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Group chats in multiple languages! Enter the topic of communication free!

🇺🇸 English chat
🇷🇺 Русский чат
🇨🇳 中文聊天
🇩🇪 Deutscher Chat
🇪🇸 Chat español
🇫🇷 Chat français
🇯🇵 日本のチャット
🇧🇷 Bate-papo em português

That is a feeling when you want to post a news about unavailability due to problems with hosting, but node is also unavailable due to

from english community.

Few people know that is closed server.

Number phones these are ordinary XMPP ID's, but no federal connection.


Maybe now is the time to join the XMPP open Federation? or
In addition to WhatsApp, there are many other XMPP messengers with open source and federated communication.

server closes on 06/27/2021 !!!

Welcome to
We have existed for more than 5 years and are ready to accept any number of new people!

Or you can find other xmpp servers to

die pivaten (und öffentlich) Gruppen funktionieren in 'Jabber'/XMPP sehr gut. ;-)

Mit 'Conversations' fürs Handy und 'Gajim' für den Rechner.

#jabber #xmpp #privategruppen #conversations #gajim

Внедрение в #Signal интеграции с очередной скамерской псевдокриптовалютой #MobileCoin и безвозвратное отламываниие рабочего функционала лишний раз подтверждает тот факт, что централизованные сервисы не нужны и должны быть выжжены праведным огнём.

ЗЫ: #XMPP как был, так остался лучшим мессенджером, несмотря на свою XML'ность

@404 @commagray @theory_of @abracadabr @airin Matrix counts all the people idling in irc channels they bridged in as “Matrix users”. Often those people don’t even know they are in the matrix, (pun intended) but hey; big exaggerated numbers look good for VC funds.

@Mayana Yes, I'm not a bot. The is ​​currently consuming too many resources to provide big non-commercial public server services. Ongoing donations cover the content of the server in some way. Matrix requires at least 100 times more resources for federation. For us, these are not personal preferences, but simply opportunities (XMPP) or lack of opportunity (Matrix).

@Wrol @rf
>а можешь создать публичный чат про гикс потому что самы ламповый продукт от гну?

Русское сообщество опенсорс софтваре:


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