Few people know that is closed server.

Number phones these are ordinary XMPP ID's, but no federal connection.


Maybe now is the time to join the XMPP open Federation? or
In addition to WhatsApp, there are many other XMPP messengers with open source and federated communication.

@404 xmpp powers some pretty big stuff like the chat servers for fortnite.

apparently this has something to do with scaling issues that the xmpp foundation never allowed to be solved, so people gave up trying to federate but kept using the servers in-house where they could fiddle with the pain points.

the psyc devs wrote about this kind of thing (ex. when you change your online status it sends a single new message for every one of your contacts) and discord ended up working around it with clever ways and psyc works around it by embracing multicast trees. XMPP never approved a solution.

@icedquinn Currently, there are over 85,000 servers in federation. XMPP is largest federated network in the world

There are no physical problems for scaling the XMPP network, earlier in the 200's years the XMPP federated network was much larger

Federation is not beneficial for large companies, as it will cause a leaving users to small servers, and the destruction of the monopoly

@404 @icedquinn That's pretty cool I have been meaning to make an XMPP server myself
@Vulkan69 @404 i'll just leave the link to their technical commentary since i'm not going to argue about this

@icedquinn @Vulkan69 This source is outdated technical overview. It describes the state of the protocol for 2008 and now it is 2021.Difficult to read because obsolete extensions are mentioned everywhere (bosh, jingle, otr, dialback, Binary Data Transfer, etc).
Most of the issues discussed are no longer relevant, as the protocol changes over time.

XMPP already has video calls (Conversations, Dino)
XMPP already has file transfer (http upload)
XMPP network more popular OMEMO instead of OTR

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