"70% of emissions 100 companies" stat is grossly misused, on about page 2 of the CDP report it states 90% of the counted emissions are *downstream* of the company that CDP attributes them to. This means you can buy a fossil car put in the gas and burn it and its not your fault

Sainsburys (UK) is aiming to reduce plastic 50% by 2025, let them know you want this by sending a little message here, you might want to suggest bamboo fibre packaging, seaweed fibre packaging, and a waitrose-style zero waste section about.sainsburys.co.uk/helpred

Version 2 of the info graphics with clearer recommendations (#WhatsApp - Reject, #Telegram - Be careful, #Signal - OK, #Matrix/#Quicksy/#XMPP - recommended, #P2P - recommended).

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Excerpt from "Fuck Your Red Revolution: Against Ecocide, Towards Anarchy"

Parts of the Arctic averaged up to +14 °C above normal for the entire month of November.

Preliminary data suggesting we witnessed the hottest November globally on record.

2020 is on track to be the hottest year on record.
" - Scott Duncan``` twitter.com/ClimateHuman/statu

Went to a meeting about setting up a local Citizen's Assembly. It's not something my group and I can realize any time soon but the idea is amazing. Especially on national scale as long as nations are a thing.

Citizen's Assemblies are the future of democracy, beyond electoral politics.

Everyone remember when Vowsh backed himself into an intellectual corner and had to justify cp consumption to maintain his position on veganism. that was a fun time
No ethical consumption under capitalism everybody
Remember at all times that it is capitalism forcing you to consume animal products

youtube.com/watch?v=1ZQG59_z83 Here is a REALLY good 3m animated video showing perspective of current CO2 changes against the 800,000 year background variation
source : esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/ccgg/trends/

lancaster.ac.uk/news/-universi after a year of campaigning from multiple grass roots staff and student climate activism groups Lancaster University has finally announced plans to completely decarbonise

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