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I'm just a bachelors comp sci student but I've been researching climate change in my spare time for about 2 years now, I have a massive sources folder linked in my bio and I'm trying to make a github pages website. I'm still trying to figure out git but when it's live I'll post the website in bio. I hope it can be a useful resource for anyone concerned about the climate crisis and wanting to educate people

Like it or not your opinions are political, just because they are held by the majority of people doesn't mean you get to shy away from having an ideology, I'll hazard a guess that if you call yourself a-political you support capitalism and the existence of the state, that you think is a problem but not in our lifetimes and new technology will sort it out anyway, and that eating the flesh of murdered animals is a-ok and necessary


Consume me.
Twigs snap as a life is digested
Unfeeling and efficient,
freezing the world as it tries to remember
where was the fire?
Process me.
Blackened on the outside
a facade to hide the fresh meat,
lest it be collected, divided, and categorised
Sinking feeling.
Where was the fire?
Too cold now, burning,
as it falls apart, naked
Scorched from the inside,
Automatically, mechanically disassembled.
Subdued and content,
the last silent screams of the campfire usher in a new dawn.

If you really tried how much of the waste you created today could you have avoided? I think most of us want to live in a world where everything is reused repurposed recycled or composted.

Oh and if you somehow missed it I have 49MB of climate research with 100s of sources in my political research folder (link in bio) the climate stuff is under /issues

Hi everyone, you can expect me to start tooting climate science and news soon. Looking for people to share knowledge and work together on ideas for climate activism during covid!

Worried about the climate crisis, am in several Extinction Rebellion groups, I have a 100MB political research folder (mostly climate change) that you might find interesting if you're looking to learn about climate change and debate skeptics. Link in bio.


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