"If people feel they don't have the power to change a bad situation, they stop thinking about it."
[From "Rules for radicals" - Saul Alinsky]

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Fediverse explainer video that is really very nice:

The only big downside is it features and which are both infrastructures. Having said that, if someone feels compelled to add a QR code to the above link on the fediverse flyer we designed () we approve that, if and only if, the speech bubble about Cloudflare (et al) on the reverse is not replaced with alternate content.

The official story of Malcolm X's death is that he was killed by factional enemies in a power struggle over the leadership of the Nation of Islam.

That story has always been in dispute: America's law-enforcement and intelligence agencies loathed X, and had a long history of political assassination. They had motive, means and opportunity.



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