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How do you know you're being effective? Twitter suspends you while you sleep after spending a couple hours using your platform to highlight the CIA coup in Bolivia.

This is Sister Outsider. I will not be silenced.

I am Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Colonialism, Anti-Identity Politics, Anti-Capitalism.

I am a Socialist. I am a Feminist, that truly understands Intersectionality as only someone that lives it daily can.

Hello, Mastodon. A new player has joined the fight!

It's awesome how my period always takes me to the cusp of the height of my depression.

It's super awesome, how I become the ultimate pessimist during this time period.

Awesome in a, every month has a 50/50 chance of survival baked into it kind of way.

The point of anti-fascism is not to make fascists afraid. Fascists are already afraid, that's why they're fascists. They have a fear based worldview. The point of anti-fascism is to make sure that fascists are isolated, unable to connect with, organize and mobilize other fascists. The point is to make fascists lonely.

At this point, I welcome the apocalypse. Be it through bioweapon committed on the poor via some careless government or through the climate crisis, the end result is functionally the same.

The Oligarchs realize how unnatural their "power and money" is.

And how outnumbered they truly are.

lexistential dread (selfie, ec, boosts are the digital equivalent of headpats and my hair is super floofy plz pat it)

poetry sits on a gap the phenomenal gulf
between words and imagination; wild imagery
thrives and follows through the fallow
fields of mind and thought, merrily disrupting

capital, the great horror, crucifying and hollowing out
all works of art and wonder while winds of money wreck
creativity and twist all of it, casually, towards its own purposes

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I prefer the term "Wealth hoarder" to "billionaire."

It is what it is, but it's funny watching folks like/fave alleged leftists/progressives that talk a good game, but melt down when they are confronted with literally anything that doesn't agree with their performative version of progressiveness.

One of the reasons I don't have a ton of labels in my profile is because I want folks to talk and get to know me. Get a real feel for my slant rather than advertising it.

Not to say labels are bad... but anyone can rock a t-shirt, ya dig?

Capitalism means that companies only make their sites accessible because they don't wanna pay for a lawsuit, *not* because they care about access.

I hate being sick. But I love when the woman I want transforms into a worry wort because I'm sick... 😏

What can I say? It's nice to be cared for.


Taking cold medicine as prescribed and getting a little better through lots of water and rest > lying to yourself and making it worse.

Salute, mes amis!

I apologise. It's been like a week right? Just know, I've equally been abandoning the bird site.

I'm exhausted. Had a stressful week. But things will hopefully be chill at least for a couple weeks.

People who don't know how to communicate like a healthy human are perpetually a victim in their own minds.

They cannot be honest, even with themselves. Thus they usually communicate from a place of passive aggression.

Knowing this doesn't make them easier to deal with.

Is there like an open-source version of goodreads?

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