How do you know you're being effective? Twitter suspends you while you sleep after spending a couple hours using your platform to highlight the CIA coup in Bolivia.

This is Sister Outsider. I will not be silenced.

I am Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Colonialism, Anti-Identity Politics, Anti-Capitalism.

I am a Socialist. I am a Feminist, that truly understands Intersectionality as only someone that lives it daily can.

Hello, Mastodon. A new player has joined the fight!

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@EverydayPeople awful that they treat you like that over there but glad to have you here comrade ✊

@EverydayPeople hey I’m interested in following, but I’ve seen “anti-identity politics” from a mix of perspectives, some of which I agree with, some of which I don’t. Do you have time to talk about what you mean by it?

Of course. Identity politics in the current system is used as a crutch to elevate people of color and other marginalized groups to serve as sheep herders to the status quo.

For instance, under current identity politics that doesn't recognize intersectionality, Bernie Sanders is "bad" because he is old and white.

That is a disingenuously shallow and bad take.

@EverydayPeople I gotcha. Yeah, sometimes I hear people use the phrase to mean they think any sort of racial analysis or effort towards specifically race-based reparations are bad. But that doesn’t sound like what you’re saying

It's not at all what I'm saying. I'm saying identity politics has been co-opted by bad faith actors. The silver lining is it opens the door for more constructive and nuanced conversation about race and class

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