Here I share a means of understanding exactly why what is going on in Bolivia is a CIA backed coup.

I wouldn't dare not provide sources to provide perspective and support my claims.


@policeinchains Use a complete sentence otherwise I have no idea what you're getting at.

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@policeinchains interestingly enough, I don't see a #7 that mentions Hegel. Not saying it's not there, but for me it only goes to 6. Care to share what it says?

Ah, I don't think it completely unreasonable to mention it. I think it would be better to understand some of the framework the author is coming from. And I don't doubt people who are open to it, will understand.

It's only pretentious imo when it's needless.

@EverydayPeople the phrase 'inadvertently serving power' exists and could easily be used to same end. Using hegelian dialectics seemed a bit overkill to me. i generally like jacobin too, that seemed bizarre.

I agree that something better and more plain could have been used, but I think it's more of a hindsight thing. I think the rest of it is stated in such a way that it can be forgiven.

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