This is one of my favorite shots to have been able to capture.

No easy way to share from Flickr though. So consider this a gateway drug of a toot.

Los Angeles has an incredible housing crisis on three levels: affordability, availability, and the overwhelming amount of people who are simply homeless.

However, people don't actually understand there is a cultural divide between LA and the Bay.

Twitter is being incredibly blatant in silencing voices that speak truth. It's fascinating, and again: Let's you know we're bring effective.

Russia. Russia. Russia!

Until they send their checks to the DNC and it's CIA & Corporate backed candidates.

Nothing to see here, poor people!

The Stages of making Cabbage. 😅 

Last stages.

I also used bacon fat from previously cooked bacon (it was in a closed Mason jar), chili infused olive oil (so I could use less fat and to provide more flavor), salt, pepper, and a little bit of sugar.

No measurements. My granny never gave me any, so it's just a... To taste, type situation.

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The Stages of making Cabbage. 😅 

Decided to make cabbage since we had the ingredients and the process of cooking is soothing.

So, looks like it will take two toots as well. 🤷🏿‍♀️

Today I learned that there's a term that encapsulated some of my diagnosis that doesn't make me sound fucking broken.


I try not to lie. Labels make me uncomfortable because most don't 100% fit and I don't like lying for convenience when it comes to my identity.

But this? Reminds me of this somewhat recent movie that described autism as the next step in human evolution. (It sounds cool, doesn't matter if it's true)

Idk... It's probably auto generated... BUT THIS IS STILL SO COOL!

And yes. It worked. I'm donating weekly now. 🤷🏿‍♀️😂🤣

It's amazing the lies you get away with when you have the full backing of the multiple privileges you claim are non existent for you.

Appropriation is clearly a deeply held personal value of Elizabeth Warren

Vote in Numbers to big to rig.

It's all we got until people are ready for a nationwide unending General Strike.

Look to the creators of the Statue of Liberty and draw strength.

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