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Is there like an open-source version of goodreads?

i kinda want to do a thread on hakka walled villages cause They're The Shit but whenever i try to sequence more than four words together my brain starts turning to sludge so just go look them up and then pretend i told you about them ok, they're really fucking cool

The compromise buttigieg is asking us to make is go more right so we can work with the right, but inherent to this is a decision to abandon and thus lose support of the left. Bernie says lets try to bring in more of the left because he has the Washington experiencing to know that the republicans don't compromise. The right will never work with even the centrist dems like Obama. I think this needs to be pointed out to Buttigieg supporters that don't think history matters in Washington.

This is one of my favorite shots to have been able to capture.

No easy way to share from Flickr though. So consider this a gateway drug of a toot.

Oh! We're supposed to be posting art and stuff today, right!? What was the hashtag we were supposed to use though...


"The Finest Souls are those Who have Gulped Pain and Avoided Making Others Taste it."

~ Nizariat Qabbani

it’s cool how u can be an overtly evil racist piece of shit your whole life and rally for the cause of conservatism while actively hastening the slide into fascism and then just like get cancer and you’re suddenly canonized while still living and you deserve respect even if we don’t agree with you

Study Finds Black Students In The US Are Being Crushed By Student Loans More Than Any Other Race - Blavity

A recently released report from the Center For American Progress shows that Black students are suffering more than almost any other demographic in the United States when it comes to student loans, particularly those who have taken out loans for graduate school.

There is literally nothing edgy, metal, or counter-culture about sarcastic/joking/embodying white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy because it's literally just a regular Tuesday.

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To be counter-culture, you have to *counter* the culture. And in a world where anti-semitism and anti-blackness and xenophobia and workers abuse and burnout culture and billionaires and r/pe culture exist and is excused, you gotta counter that shit, not repeat it.

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In my time studying to be a journalism major, one of my favorite professors used to say, "As a journalist: if your mother tells you she loves you, ask for 3 sources."

We all used to laugh, but we understood the point.

If only real journalism hadn't been killed for expediency and access.

The world isn't black or white. Nothing is pure good or bad. And yet every single discourse worth having is currently had in a black or white fashion.

So much is lost. So much will never be, simply because of the loss of nuance.

Schrödinger's Boys are considered both back and not back in town

all the breathlessly dogmatic Silicon Valley hype about machine learning, "Big Data," and 'algorithms' was a psy-op to prep people for facial recognition phrenology this whole time

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