I will make the change on desktop later. We r teaching a class and I want to be past that before accidentally wreaking things. Which wont' happen, but ... could happen.

I had only used Gnome 3.x for a couple of months, having dropped KDE because of a problem related to Java on that system. I am not trashing Gnome 3.X because I've determined that the way it handles RStudio is unacceptable. Again, a Java problem. I am not entirely certain of this, but I think it is a thing.

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I'm looking forward to forgoing Gnome 3.x and giving XFCE's most current iteration a go.

Installation on the laptop went great. Boot up time on this slow machine went down by a full minutes, replacing KDE with XFCE.

Good morning.

I'm about to start the process of replacing Gnome 3.X version of Ubuntu with Xubuntu. For various reasons I'll be happy to outline if anyone is interested. Starting with the laptop.

This graphic is an effort to depict distinct patterns across campaigns. The key is part of the graphic itself, but it is probably pretty self explanatory.

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Hero worship on both sides. Looking for a link explaining the good and the bad of hero worship as a strategy for social change

Just joined, and beginning to explore this new social networking platform.

So far nothing bad has happened!


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