This looks to be a pretty fundamental study. Undermines a bit of classic literature on hominin and human brain evolution, it seems to me. The pdf seems to be open
Alatorre Warren, J. L., Ponce de León, M. S., Hopkins, W. D., & Zollikofer, C. P. E. (2019). Evidence for independent brain and neurocranial reorganization during hominin evolution. [open]. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201905071, doi:10.1073/pnas.1905071116.

Spain: Catalonia independence leaders face prison of up to 15 years 

@acrata am I right in thinking that this judgment happened on the Dia de la Hispanidad? Ironic really. But then it is more important to the Castillians than to the Catalans.

@helgaingeborg Hi, Helga. I must say I feel guilty now. I was only thinking yesterday that you and I would get a lot done if we devoted out time to writing what we need to write rather than writing on Facebook. Now I have invited you to even more distraction. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

@shahaan thank you. I had never heard of CamelCase (which ironically is written in PascalCase--I had to look it up 😃 ). It is a very useful tip and a very useful word/phrase.

In this moment motivated comrades in #Berlin are blocking #ThyssenKrupp, a weapon industrial company.

Shut down the murderous weapon industry that makes profit with displacement and genocide!


@trunk Please add me to Archaeology, Art History, Environmentalists, History, Politics, Science, Spain.

@trunk Please add me to Archaeology, Art History, Environmentalists, History, Politics, Science, Spain.

The important point here is that on climate, on the rule of law, on rules based foreign policy, on the promotion of civil society, on equality of all citizens, on the right of people to seek refuge, on the protection of the environment, and everything else, the current President is a threat to his own people, and do all of us around the world. If Facebook looks like enabling the continuance of that approach to life, then we should oppose it. So I want Mastodon to work.

I now think that it is important for us to resist the politics of Zuckerberg since he has declared that a) he will allow advertisements that include demonstrable lies--which plays right in to the hands of the current mendacious US President-- and b) he has said he would be willing to campaign against Warren--who has a good chance of winning the election but understands the power of Facebook.

Maybe I should introduce myself. Not only am I an archaeologist (as I indicate in my profile) but I believe that we all have a moral responsibility to fight for our governments to take the threat of climate change seriously (which is why I am happy to sign up to the [insert appropriate Mastodon jargon word here] of @GregLaden

I have been on Facebook since 2008 and found it a wonderful way to keep in touch with colleagues in archaeology and elsewhere

@witchescauldron @GregLaden good to see some response, but it would help if you get the vowel keys to work. Follow and find.

@GregLaden that looks interesting, Particularly the rise and subsequent fall for Harris. I have been hoping for Warren to get there after I heard her speak in Sanders (ironic?) after the GFC.

How do I find people? I mean, I signed up here because I knew @GregLaden was here, but I cannot see him.


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