"Educating is helping to integrate all the dimensions of life, to find our intellectual, emotional, professional path, that fulfills us and contributes to change the society we have"

Translation of an passage from the book/diary "Quarto de Despejos" by Carolina Maria de Jesus, a black Brazilian woman who lived in inhumane conditions of poverty.

"In 1948, when they started to demolish the houses on the ground floor to build the buildings, we, the poor people who lived in the collective dwellings, were evicted and we lived under the bridges. This is why I call the slum("favela")the eviction room of a city. We, the poor, are the old scumbags"

Conclusion, there is a constrution behind the "ideal" political-economic system, of manipulation and deceit which spreads and manifests itself in various areas of society creating social and environmental problems.

"A democratic society requires that its citizens are critical and creative, able to understand problems, theories and arguments and react to them in a meani gful way, so that the power of decision is not concentrated in the hands of a few"

In "colonial" countries, the traditional paradigm prevails in education:
"That is, the learning process prioritizes the accumulation of knowledge, the hierarchical relationship, the prodution of obedient beings without critical thinking"


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