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@admin Shady. Lots of flags on Briar. Their website lists Open Technology Fund as a funder. OTF is literally the state-propaganda arm of the US Govt. Briar uses Tor network- another govt surveillance tool. I like this not

@Mars2Sirius @admin Certainly willing to listen to alternatives. Tor was made by the US Govt to hide their agents' internet usage, but it was useless without getting other people on. Briar is obviously USGovt supported because it's in their interest to help destablize their adversary's govts, but that doesn't mean they have the ability to stop it being used domestically too, same as Tor.

@Mars2Sirius @admin
Can god create a burrito so spicy even she cannot eat it? Probably not. But the US Govt needs to create tools so foolproof even they cannot break them, because otherwise Russia and China certainly would too. Unless you have alternatives as secure, I wouldn't write Tor and Briar off easily.


@joeterranova @admin Lol but I sure love me a spicy burrito! The US govt creates such tools exclusively for social control. I wouldn't write off US imperialism so easily. Personally I don't have need or use for Tor, and others are free to choose what they want. I won't trust it or any political org that relies on it. I must protect myself from retaliation as best I could. Frankly I'm not aware of any safer alternatives but there should be, the public deserves it

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