Hello everyone! Recently, I've been learning more about leftism and gaining an interest in mutual aid and activism. While a very general question, could anyone provide advice/resources for a beginner that wants to learn more about activism and organizing?

For one thing, keep in mind that there is a difference in what should be discussed openly and what should not - and the acceptably safe methods to do each :)

Public record is a wonderful thing but also dangerous when it can be manipulated and abused (or used to manipulate and abuse).

@Melli If you're into podcasts check out Rebel Steps

They've got nice and short but really useful episodes for people that are new to organizing and activism or thinking of getting into it :)

@Melli My personal advice is to tune in to your local indymedia and alternative news sites. They give you an idea of what's happening near you and sometimes announce events you can join.
Once you go out and do things and meet the people that do things, you might find that it's quite easy to be part an activism group and to organize.

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