Liberals = Capitalists and Communists = Materialists = The definition of them is to believe everything the big press says and what their political parties tell them to believe in whatever impossible materialists dreams they wish would be true «but it is not». And, of course, to them consensus is «„scientific“»... But of course even if on some scientific topic or theory there is «consensus», suffrage of what theory or topic is «„right“» HASN'T «„proved“» absolutely no shit.

I am not re-actionary, I believe in what is Natural «otherwise known 'Real' or 'Rational'»; any traditions or modes of thoughts or ideas which are unnatural, are therefore 'irrational' and 'false' or 'unreal'. Thus every tradition against Nature should be stopped and inevitably will collapse and fail or lead towards degeneracy or sickness and death. I stand by the side of the Power of Life and the Power of Nature and everything which Is Natural.


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