ponao.bandcamp.com/releases?fb This compilation of 33 contemporary music compositions is the outcome of an initiative by 37 musicians who want to stand against police brutality as an action to the latest events in Greece.
The citizens who were unnecessarily beaten by police in the events of Nea Smyrni want to take legal action. Thus, through the lawyer Thanasis Kampagiannis the artists want to support their goal. Your donation will go towards court fees.

The situation in Greece reagrding police brutality and suppression is out of control.
The time has come to act, all together,with the best and only weapons we have:
our pens, inks or whatever medium we prefer to create our beautiful images.In this page we will be posting illustrations, comics and strips against police brutality, suppression and abuse.
Just to make it easier to share, all drawings should have the hashtag

New denouncement about the conditions at the Korinthos detention centre
The enclosed migrants at the Korinthos detention centre are being treated with a vengeful and disciplinary way. Their reactions after the suicide of the Kurdish migrant Ibrahim Ergün have encountered further repression from the police and the guards.

Refugees in the camp in Corinth, northern Peloponnese staged widespread protests on Saturday, following the suicide of a Kurdish asylum seeker.
The 24-year-old man from South-East Turkey was imprisoned in the camp for 16 months “committed suicide in protest of his uncertain situation after 16 months in the camp,” posts on social media claimed.
He was supposed to be released today but his detention was extended instead.


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