Upstate NYs GMB is getting close to being able to subsidize some alternative tech programs, and we want you to join the union. Whether you are freelance or working for someone. We will support your organizing efforts And relevant projects.

If you want to help out the union, throw us a dime
The Action Agnostic Relief Fund helps get workers back on their feet
The Communications Fund includes outreach, our free library, and future tech projects
The General Fund is used directly for organizing efforts and operating costs

Suggested script for It’s Going Down response:
Hello, I heard on It’s Going Down ( that Mike Giovanone
has been moving forward with his plans to build luxury boat storage
where low-income people are residing at Saratoga Lakeview Mobile Home
Park. People need homes, boats don’t. I demand Mr. Giovanone stop
harassing residents and commit to maintaining the park as affordable
housing while reversing the environmental damage he has done.

Our FW from the Upstate NY IWW is fighting for mobile home rights across the region. Join us and join the fight. Housing is a workers right.

disappointing that the discourse is gonna become "should we take guns out of movies" and not "is it wrong to hire untrained scab labor and make people work 14 hour days with no pay until they're tired and reckless"

Friends can we get an assist on how to navigate this site in general, and how to make connections.
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In 1977, Charlie King wrote a protest ballad inspired by the framing and murder of Italian-American anarchists and activists, Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. The song calls these important martyrs to mind with a series of questions.

Who will remember?

Do you think you can't organize your workplace? Do you work an odd job, work alone, or work a job other unions won't touch? From cantors to cam-girls collective bargaining can help you. Contact us for more information and we will train you, support you, and make your struggles our struggles. Our motto is an injury to one is an injury to all.


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