Friends can we get an assist on how to navigate this site in general, and how to make connections.
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In 1977, Charlie King wrote a protest ballad inspired by the framing and murder of Italian-American anarchists and activists, Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. The song calls these important martyrs to mind with a series of questions.

Who will remember?

Do you think you can't organize your workplace? Do you work an odd job, work alone, or work a job other unions won't touch? From cantors to cam-girls collective bargaining can help you. Contact us for more information and we will train you, support you, and make your struggles our struggles. Our motto is an injury to one is an injury to all.


Our engagment on this site is very low compared to fedbook or twitter. We want to do better, does anyone have advice for how best to use Mastadon.

We are currently expanding our organizing with gig or contract work and want to remind tech workers unions are for all workers. We also want to here your story as any worker in the tech field or anything else you want to chime in about conditions in the field. For anyone outside of New York our main page for North America is 2/2

Hi everyone this is admin Bundnik of the Upstate New York Industrial Workers of the World. You can find us at and reach out to us on our contact page 1/2

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