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So let’s recap. During a week in which the public nationwide are eyeing police with scrutiny, in light of the Chauvin trial and verdict, and amidst a backdrop of continued police intimidation, assault, and murder of marginalized people nationwide, the APD felt emboldened to attack a child, brutalized protestors, use chemical weapons on peaceful demonstrators, and destroy an occupation.

If you’ve ever worked in the Gig economy, as a freelancer, delivery person, Air BnB host, or driver, you know the basic script. Company promises flexibility and potential to earn a good income doing something you “love,” yet shortly after starting your new gig, you discover the site’s algorithms and the abundance of other gig employees all waiting for the next bite seems to work against you.
Only two months ago we watched in horror as residents of communities throughout Texas were abandoned without power. Thousands of residents lost power for extended periods of time, victims of a scheme to privatize their power grid and allow the state to operate beyond the reach of federal regulations. We checked in with friends and family. We shared our outrage online as the many horrific layers of the crisis unfolded.

Over the past year, a number of community initiatives have cropped up in the 518. Many of these initiatives, like the Fund for Black Lives and the 518 Free Store are intentional efforts to move equity and create safety nets in Black and marginalized communities. Such efforts to redistribute equity are also referred to by organizers of these movements in terms of reparations.


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