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Only rulers who have not been to college, will allow policemen to go violent inside a university library. #FakeUrduProverbs

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@Deepsealioness If at all it happens throughout India, The best way to deal with it is to boycott. Because even if 30% people just don't show any interest in NRC, then it will be done and dusted.
Also CAB is no relief to Hindus. They will get the Citizenship after assuming that they are "illegal" immigrants.

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We desperately need puppers to stay sane in an insane nation where the very idea of inexpensive quality education is being attacked by bigots.

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With Trump's ongoing impeachment hearings and Netanyahu's indictment, one can see a push-back against the "populist-nationalist" phenomenon has started. But the manner seems to indicate that it is not from the grassroots but from the neoliberal elite.
Interesting times ahead.

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While the origins of Hindutva in the inter-war years of the last century are less than respectable for the founders' admiration for the 3rd Reich & Fascist Italy, today’s RSS, whose political front is the current governing party BJP, is more sophisticated about how it presents itself. But the idea that Hinduism alone is indigenous remains unchanged; and by extension, only Hindus are truly native to India. 1/n

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#UdaDevi The Dalit Women Warrior From Lucknow Who Single-Handedly Killed Over 30 British Soldiers In 1857 Rebellion.

"Uda devi amar rahe"

#DalitHistory #UdaDeviJayanti t.co/kof680bi1c

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Hello! I am Shailza, a lawyer from India. Currently doing my PhD at Uni of Exeter.

Here to checkout this new social media platform. Until now it's been nice. Feels like the restart of internet and interaction.

#introduction #india

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The ruling party will use all its machinery to destroy #JNU. Solidarity to the students who are protesting.

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Ayodhya Verdict: What SC’s Sophisticated Reasoning Really Means

The implications are clear: minorities have a clear message that they cannot depend on the judiciary for their rights. They’ll have to find their own ways to survive as humans in this country

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Kindly request people to follow as many people as possible regardless you are a celebrity, influencer or just a normal person who followed here. This will ensure that the platform is more accepted.
@IndiasMuslims @musafir @Deepsealioness and @dennisckurian have been boosting new accounts to help people gain followers.

You can unfollow a person later if you don't like the content but right now it would be helpful if we make the platform as welcoming as possible.

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@Deepsealioness in this very regressive and deeply divisive times, the majority of the sensible Indian population stands by its brethren that some lumpens have tried to marginalise.

Irrespective of religion and caste.

I pledge

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#confession if you toot to me In Hindi, I don’t read them because I hate majoritarianism. If you can’t converse with me in English or Tamil, don’t converse with me. Your entitlement that I should know your language Is big time turn off even though I know Hindi . Sorry but that’s me

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As promised, mastodon.social code of conduct has been updated to add "casteism and advocation of casteism" to the list of explicitly prohibited offenses

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@shahbazrk Nah! The constitution did not betray you! It still holds strong, however, those charged with defending it, practicing it did. The current gov't with its all reaching/encompassing negativity did... @Deepsealioness

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I am feeling so numb

I did believe in constitution till today

We are second class citizens, aren’t we

The fear is real

I am worried about my parents in North India

I feel like being born a lizard would have made me feel less humiliation than being a Muslim in India

These are some of the conversations I had today with Muslims. Breaks your heart doesn’t it? good folks reach out to your Muslim friends , show that you care , they need all the love & support today


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If you see any incitement to violence, any trouble in your area, any hate speech you think needs to be addressed, call the cops. Record it for evidence. But don’t tweet it. Don’t spread it on WhatsApp or Facebook or Instagram or SMS or by word of mouth.

If you think any piece of information is unverified, don’t pass it on to others, not even in private. Don’t become a vehicle of rumourmongering. You are smarter than that.

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I have boosted so many folks today, here is my favourite handle from bird app, so follow @imMAK02 #FF #India #Introduction

For those who don’t know he diligently documents all lynching crimes under this fascist government, he shares videos of hate speeches by prominent politicians which is way to marginalise & dehumanise religious minorities.

If you are anti fascist follow him

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:mastodon: A big welcome ❤️ to all the lovely people who have joined Mastodon to make a difference.

🇮🇳 #India, you rock.

Feel free to boost — to salute all new members.

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i joined mastodon because its over a month since my twitter account has been suspended.


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