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Surprise surprise 😱

"Google has been accused of breaking promises to patients, after the company announced it would be moving a healthcare-focused subsidiary, DeepMind Health, into the main arm of the organisation."

theguardian.com/technology/201 (via @jcbrand )

Reminder that patients did not even give consent to this data going to Google in the first place:


Google has no problem breaking privacy promises. They cannot be trusted.

#DeleteGoogle #BreakUpGoogle #Privacy

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Reminder for fellow amerikkkans since it's that time of year

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it's true. queer and trans people aren't safe in Salvation Army shelters. Give your money to someone who deserves it and skip the red pot people

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Hey, I'm looking for open source paint 🎨

No, not software, actual paint 😂

I specifically want to know about silicate paints (for internal and external masonry) and linseed oil paints (for external woods) 🏚️

I'm finding it quite hard to find rigorously tested or referenced recipes 🔖

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RT @NNUBonnie@twitter.com: While traveling to the UK to learn about the #NHS, @NationalNurses@twitter.com' Co-President Jean Ross unintentionally became a patient herself.

"I paid the fee for int'l visitors: $400 for 24 hours of care - an uninsured patient in the US would've been charged $10,000." #MedicareForAll #1u

🐦🔗: twitter.com/NNUBonnie/status/1

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RT @NNUBonnie@twitter.com: An American nurse ends up in a UK hospital..

"The Billing Office was hard to find & unstaffed. Can you imagine?

I explained how billing is a key component in the US health care system.

The clerk was shocked. She felt terrible about billing us."

#MedicareForAll #FridayFeeling

🐦🔗: twitter.com/NNUBonnie/status/1


Its a part of the #OMNbbbbbbbb