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I've heard this ?? a few times now of late!

Telegram-FOSS/ at master · Telegram-FOSS-Team/Telegram-FOSS · GitHub

Why is it an issue that Google™ is not supporting *. [insert here] ??
Why? No really, why.

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So, Fuck You.

Section 24. Police & Criminal Evidence 'Act'

(1)A constable may arrest without a warrant—

(a)anyone who is about to commit an offence;

(b)anyone who is in the act of committing an offence;

(c)anyone whom he has reasonable grounds for suspecting to be about to commit an offence;

(d)anyone whom he has reasonable grounds for suspecting to be committing an offence.

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(1983) Python, M. MEANING OF LIFE Clip - Fish (1983) Monty Python Movie.mp4

Plot:: The stages of life are told through multiple sketches and songs by the British comedy troupe. The seven parts of life cover birth, growing up, war, middle age, organ transplants, old age and death. Not all stages are singular: "Part I: The Miracle of Birth" is from the perspective of an ignored woman in labor, and of a Roman Catholic couple with too many children, and "Part VII: Death" encompasses a funeral and heaven. Added are three unrelated skits placed in the beginning, middle and end.

Release date: March 31, 1983 (USA)
Director: Terry Jones
CAST: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin

Exhibit One. >_

This, is an ! 💫
Peter Kropotkin. ✊

Exhibit Two. >_

This is Not.

"Know History vs. No History."

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@MangoMamba from the #Messengers poll's discussion, I can say is a good start for #XMPP thanks to my friend @lps suggested it. You see, it has voice video calls as well as file sharing features.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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@redstarfish The GNU Project had a valuable saying:

"This demonstrates what we've said for years: using proprietary software means letting someone have power over you, and you're going to get screwed sooner or later."

And I learned a thing once again that Proprietary Software will always lead people to Proprietary Software too, like GNU said, sooner or later.

#Chrome #Google #ProprietarySoftware

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Even @theprivacyfoundation helped me resharing #Messengers poll. My friends also helped me resharing @humanetech @lopeztel. Thank you very much. You all helped spread #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Messengers solutions. Awesome!

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A wildly spread international crew have been putting a lot of work into making this a local codebase option version 1.2.0 release

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Hi #Fediverse #activitypub devs, @cwebber @rhiaro et al..

We're slowly evaluating underused actor types like as:Group and as:Organization and also, with an influx of new users, we are evaluating more powerful ways to moderate our communities.

Are we approaching this at the right level?

Aren't we working in different domains that do not so neatly fit the Microblogging capabilities on which #mastodon and #pleroma have thrived?

Is it time to define what Community means?

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