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"xr leader wants top down control" [discuss] 

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we're officially on Real Time (winter time) again!

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Some fucking patent troll is suing @gnome, and they are fighting back, to help all of Free software, who might be victims if the troll wins.

I've gotten so much from Gnome trough so many years, and given so little back. But here it is easy to give, so I did, and I tried to make up a little bit for all I've gotten.

And you should too!

Read more:

Give to the defense:

Please boost, they are fighting for all of us, at least we can spread the word

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(One from the archives!!)
Web2ExpoSF 09: Douglas #Rushkoff.

"How the Web Ate the Economy, and Why This Is Good for Everyone"

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TFW the facilitator doesn't show up for a #MozFest talk on the Fediverse and 40-50 people are waiting for one, so... you stand up and give an impromptu presentation 😅

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Lol, the #Fediverse #MozFest session facilitator is nowhere to be found. So, a random hero takes to the stage to talk about Secure ScuttleButt, somebody else provides the HDMI dongle, someone gives her a presentation clicker... And we're off to a session. Pretty well handled!

Does anyone find it odd??
that released telephone conversations from the late occupants of a refrigerated lorry??
- no "sensitive content" during a "live" police investigation??
- not to mention how they managed to quickly obtain, screen & then release this "personal data"...
...I smells a rodent! ?? Let's Conspire. ✊

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royal mail strike (2/2) 

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Copypasting this to the #XR and #ExtinctionRebellion hashtags:

XR Scotland just did a surprisingly awesome thing, publishing the statement On Class and Climate Struggle: Decolonising XR. They also provided a very good list of critiques of XR on the topic.


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Bottled water companies don't produce water, they produce plastic bottles.

I find myself pondering the of yesterday's débâcle.

Salaries of Members of the United Kingdom Parliament - Wikipedia

Now what's the daily rate?? & as it was it must be at least time & a half, no??
Oh, plus the additional costs of transport, accommodation & food for the MPs & the Lords! (& the countless ladies in waiting)

Believe in

Brexit deal: Saturday’s sitting explained

Parliament will sit on Saturday 19 October so that MPs can approve, and Peers debate, the implications of a new Brexit deal. Our Insight explains what could happen.

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Its a part of the #OMN