- A proposal to grow and decentralise

Social media coordinator Snowflake Foxtrot presents a proposal on how to restructure and decentralise control of XR social media channels after the International Rebellion 2019.

The proposal in more detail, including how to structure and decentralise power in social media platforms: (

@adinfinitum this looks like a treditonal top down structure with hippy camouflage. Interested in what a horazontal structure would look like

xr leader wants top down control 

@witchescauldron @adinfinitum
I've just watched #RogerHallam latest (I guess) video.
Within it he explains how he plans to structure XR with more top down control.
If #XR really wants to get a decentralized movment, it's important to get rid of Roger Hallam as a leader.


"xr leader wants top down control" [discuss] 

Is it not equally important (if not more so) to develop new processes & practises that are based on the Principles & Values?
Really, "We need no leaders except ourselves."

You make some valid points, I too share some of your concerns & have already been finger pointed for being to "spikey' lol.
Maybe so but my has taught me to trust my instincts. & rather than reposting press-releases & bleating on the about how someone else ["our governments"] must declare this, that or the other... We actively and collectively manifest a change, in a free libre and open manner.

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