@adinfinitum @hamishcampbell @witchescauldron i forget. the other issue with .onion addresses is that they can only be accessed over tor.

I don't mind. A lot of people won't mind. Perfectly fine, and even necessary for people in restricted countries.

But for those wanting to provide standard website tools, we're stuck with dynamic dns...

Unless someone can enlighten me.

@adinfinitum @msaunders @witchescauldron so its relatively simple and free to bodge a static ip... but at the cost of more centralization. And tor gets round the DNS issue but at the cost of browser lock and cryptic domains.

Blue sky thinking: we could add a #OMN "bookmark" manager as a plugin to the tor project that allowed finding #OMN services ... how would this work p2p maybe friend of a friend network?

@adinfinitum @msaunders is the a way to fix the error on padland android app and our pad on openworlds. It seems to be a error with the SSL cirt config?

We have some crew useing it as a part of the indymedia reboot.

@adinfinitum @msaunders haven't got the the UI to see if its better than the web interface... got stuck at this.

@adinfinitum @msaunders we need to make the etherpads work on mobile devices as its usefull. our install currently are a bit janky, you have to hold your phone sideways and it times out everytime the phone sleeps. paste also radumlu duse not work.

Geeky fun and games, ideas?

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