Theory only exists, until it is proven to be true.

Carole Cadwalladr keynote speech:
The Landscape of Corruption

I believe in .

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it's fine baby, I'm scared of the market economy too.

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"Sky News goes behind the scenes with Extinction Rebellion, one of Britain's most controversial activist groups."

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November 29th was the #PalestineSolidarityDay. Here is a reminder of how much Palestinian land Israel has taken over the past 102 years.

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Dot org was never enforced. Anybody can get an org domain and there’s plenty of lowlifes on it. I personally don’t care at all about the top level sale.

If org was actually for nonprofits I would feel different.

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The greatest triumph of Capitalism is convincing people to look up to the rich and powerful and look down on the less fortunate, instead of uplifting the downtrodden and rising up against our oppressors like we should.

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Its a part of the #OMN