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It appears the Ayes have it!
Rt. Hon. Oliver Letwin MP has been successful in his amendment to "command" the UK Parliament to write a letter to requesting an extension for the UK Withdrawal from Europe. (a pro-forma letter was also attached!!)

Interestingly, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson MP, refused!

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as many of you know, I spent a week at the London XR rebellion, well I have finally written a short article on what I saw, what I feel about it and if XR is even worth it for us in the first place.
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I was asked today by a middle-aged 'activista' whether I knew of a way to download videos from YouTube & upload to Instagram! {head-desk} - anywayzzz, following my informed lecture on Copyright infringements and the like... I happened to mention an interesting little app for called - ... Now do what thou wilt, my to et al.

OK kidz, I is requiring a new(ish) handset device. (my has buckled in the spanish heat!! - the battery now holds ~10mins when online & shuts off @84%) {sadface}
So, I am looking for recommendations...
& take my fancy, although Note series also looks nice!

NB. While researching I was 'scared' to see the sudden emergence of & enabled devices. NO. Just No.

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Este #27S las calles de todo el Estado se llenarán para frenar la #EmergenciaClimatica. Los trabajadores y trabajadoras nos unimos a la juventud para cambiar el rumbo de este sitema que nos mata y destruye el planeta.

📝Únete y firma 👇🏽


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(2014) "GlobalFuckinWarming" {by It's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine}

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@adinfinitum @witchescauldron
Yes, we are busy formulating some basic structures and foundations on which to operate. At least a part of our work will be developed as a #platformcoop maybe via @lasalpujarras ??

Free, as in...

An image hosting service on top of the LBRY protocol. - lbryio/

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right now, in ActivityPub (and in OStatus before it), the trust model is:

do you trust this peer and their peers?

OCAP (and also authenticated fetches) changes the trust model to:

do you trust this peer?

but there is still a trust assertion. OCAP and similar solutions do not solve bad actors entirely.

there will *always* be a trust assertion.

trust is the only thing that makes the fediverse work.
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Violence is not just hitting someone in the face. Violence is passing legislation and policies to deny a sick persons access to healthcare. Violence is removing peoples autonomy and the ability to have safe abortions. Violence is removing funding for food programs that help feed the starving. Violence is dismantling housing and aid programs that help the homeless. Violence is sanctions placed on "third world" nations leading to starvation and death. Violence is the criminalization of drug use. Violence is discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender or lack thereof, race, ability, or age. Violence isn't just throwing fists or shooting people. Violence has evolved with our society to be far more cunning, shifting and bureaucratic than that.

Removing someones ability to hand out harm reduction services to help prevent overdoses and the spread of disease in their neighborhood is inherently an act of violence.

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Its a part of the #OMN