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It appears the Ayes have it!
Rt. Hon. Oliver Letwin MP has been successful in his amendment to "command" the UK Parliament to write a letter to requesting an extension for the UK Withdrawal from Europe. (a pro-forma letter was also attached!!)

Interestingly, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson MP, refused!

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as many of you know, I spent a week at the London XR rebellion, well I have finally written a short article on what I saw, what I feel about it and if XR is even worth it for us in the first place.
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I was asked today by a middle-aged 'activista' whether I knew of a way to download videos from YouTube & upload to Instagram! {head-desk} - anywayzzz, following my informed lecture on Copyright infringements and the like... I happened to mention an interesting little app for called - ... Now do what thou wilt, my to et al.

OK kidz, I is requiring a new(ish) handset device. (my has buckled in the spanish heat!! - the battery now holds ~10mins when online & shuts off @84%) {sadface}
So, I am looking for recommendations...
& take my fancy, although Note series also looks nice!

NB. While researching I was 'scared' to see the sudden emergence of & enabled devices. NO. Just No.

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Este #27S las calles de todo el Estado se llenarán para frenar la #EmergenciaClimatica. Los trabajadores y trabajadoras nos unimos a la juventud para cambiar el rumbo de este sitema que nos mata y destruye el planeta.

📝Únete y firma 👇🏽


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(2014) "GlobalFuckinWarming" {by It's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine}

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@adinfinitum @witchescauldron
Yes, we are busy formulating some basic structures and foundations on which to operate. At least a part of our work will be developed as a #platformcoop maybe via @lasalpujarras ??

Free, as in...

An image hosting service on top of the LBRY protocol. - lbryio/

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right now, in ActivityPub (and in OStatus before it), the trust model is:

do you trust this peer and their peers?

OCAP (and also authenticated fetches) changes the trust model to:

do you trust this peer?

but there is still a trust assertion. OCAP and similar solutions do not solve bad actors entirely.

there will *always* be a trust assertion.

trust is the only thing that makes the fediverse work.
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