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If only we could help people to forget Amazon, Google and Facebook. *wink*

Seriously though, if a person is using Tor, those listings should all be crossed out with a <del> element.

Maybe something to build into ?

An addon perhaps.


Add a hosts file to a browser. How did we not think of this sooner?


I see some tech wannabe has pinched your name & (I believe) a similar styled logo too!

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This is by far the simplest and best explanation I've found on how radio waves actually propagate

No surprise, it's an old video

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Future of Sustainable Data Alliance

Discover the Future of Sustainability Data Alliance - a global network with a vision to develop data for improved investor decision making in sustainable finance.

Hmmm...I think #datamining not #opendata

I almost forgot to mention the blasphemy that is the that is your source!!
I pray you will soon go . With blessings.

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@msaunders @bob
I still am finding the same issue. No root access so i seem unable to install from cpanel. Any thoughts?

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One of the underlying issues that ripped the indymedia project apart was people not seeing the need for collective (group) working. The whole push for web02 was for individualistic codebases built as user by complex geek, thus corporate/capital controlled.

From this view the whole web02 move was a con, a

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