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@duckduckgo SenSherrodBrown's bill is a noble, but he should focus on getting the government's own house in order. There are hundreds of US government operated websites in the abusing of or hosted on . We can boycott private companies but we can't boycott the government. The gov. needs to get public resources out of the hands of privacy-abusers.

i think i see why blocks . They probably want to track who accesses GSA's Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). If someone starts anonymously bitching that MS or Amazon have landed an ICE contract, they can see who was digging into that info.

warning to donors of Crimeflare (the only Tor project that actually counters Tor adversaries)-- this page seems to be fraud: The person collecting that money does not appear to be affiliated with Crimeflare. It would be an embarrassment for the CloudFlare-tor project to use CF themselves for anything.

some who resist the social upgrade of using secure comms can manage to stay in contact to some extent if they meet physically anyway (e.g. work/school colleagues), or they proxy comms via a lax friend who has their security shit together.

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When you move to another country, the locals may be happy to speak to you in English but in some regions that concession is temporary. After a year or so they expect you to upgrade socially & start using their native language. This is the same with secure communication. I might tolerate new friends using phone and email initially, but eventually they will need to secure their comms.

Posting original information /exclusively/ on sites is like affirmative action for the repressed community. Correcting the wrongs of entails some unfair discrimination against clearnet users.

will begin doxxing their own sellers. Superficially it seems reasonable to show the name and address of sellers, but note that the change affects individual human beings not just companies. So angry buyers will have the home address of individual non-corporate sellers.

.org has become -hostile -- gives a error & shows a logo. And b/c the tracker is also jailed in 's tor-hostile , I can't report the bug.

Idaho voter registration laws don't even mention the possibility of online registration, so legally escapes responsibility of offering an unbiased publicly open website

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Apparently a few people who follow me are interested in or planning on starting old school forums.

Reply here if you are, lets see if we can get a little group together.

Boosts please.

If there is not a single jazz or EDM station in range of where you live, only country and rock, you might be a redneck.

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for Americans 

Troll a conservative relative. Tell them "all countries matter" today.

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