When schools force students to use products & svcs of , , , & , is anyone fighting this? Is there any organization working on getting Corporate America's out of public ?

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dev.lemmy.ml is down. No announcement from @LemmyDev Hopefully this is temporary.

Have any 3rd party nodes been deployed?

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Creating something better than is noble, but a project has trust issues. MS and github are evil in so many ways. Some ppl aren't even willing to step into github's walled-garden to write a bug report, which means unreported bugs. If you don't want to move the project to something ethical, like @codeberg, then at least move the bug tracker to an open & non-controversial place.

Also, plz avoid imgur.com - It's 'd. Use pasteboard.co


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If we don't have a acct but we need to toot to a business or gov. office that has no acct, what are the options?

I'm thinking: create a Mastodon account for that absent business/agency/person to at least tie the dialog together, so the day when they step into the open & free world the content is easily navigated. The parody acct owner could even offer to let a real party take it over should they come forward.

Other ideas?

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There are so many shit websites lately we need a certification of some kind. Call it "No Bullshit Certification". To earn this cert, a website must:

* function to some reasonable extent with j/s disabled
* all j/s must conform to
* be usable in lynx
* respect and thus not use
* be -free, or at least respect ppl w/disabilities

Then we need a search engine with scoring that puts "No BS Certified" results at the top.


Dear shoppers (2/2): * don't ship anything using or , as both are members. FedEx is worse. That leaves USPS.

Dear shoppers,

To be part of the solution, plz:

* avoid , who was caught funding using .
* avoid /new/ goods unless it's food. Buy /used/ goods or buy services.
* avoid products or services of members (e.g. AT&T, , , , ) b/c ALEC funds climate denial.
* if the gift is for a car driver, buy them a gas g/c NOT from , , or (to mitigate recipients who would buy from the worst)


Anyone reluctant to do so might want to consider that cutting sick leave means staff will show up to work sick to handle your food.

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Although we're only a stub at present, it gives us great pleasure to join this Activism instance, it disappointed us to learn that the instance we initiatially chose was a server, but we all make mistakes.

We are looking forward to bringing more to the decentralised platform

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pimped Exxon in his statement today. He has been doing this at least since 2017:


about since the 50s, so it's no surprise that the denier would be promoting them.


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Trump Admin Moves to End Protections for Endangered Fish Threatened by California’s Water Wars - EcoWatch

#xr #news #bot

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, LightSpeed Venture Partners, Robert and Ventures gave $78M in funding to AnyVision to supply the Israeli military with facial recognition to be used against the Palestinians:



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