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I felt so disappointed recently when I found out through my niece and nephew who are in grade 8 and 7 in Halton, Ontario, that their schools use Google Classroom as their primary digital learning and classroom interaction platform.

Even more disturbing was their complete dependence on Google Search for anything and everything to do with the internet.

They do not understand that Google Search is just one search engine among many. For them, the internet begins and ends with Google.

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What is the most poignant difference between the US and China and consequently Capitalism and Central Controlled Economies.

In China, Huawei does what the Communist Party tells it to.

In the US, Trump does what Apple tells him to do.

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@kensanata first time i visited europe i was surprised by how much people in a 'first world' country could actually live their whole lives thinking they are 'good people' and 'do no harm to others' (and really, they're not doing anything wrong) and recycling and being nice to their neighbors. without realizing they were working for companies that actively engaged in social exploitation in far-away lands, buying things made by someone that makes 1 dollar a day etc.

because in these first world country everything is so clean and orderly. and the trains come on time and you don't see poor people on the streets. poverty is elsewhere. but it's hard to see how much your life impacts poverty across the globe in these situations. we need to remember, as david harvey always says, how did the food we eat was produced. the things we buy. why are they so cheap? how can i buy a shirt for 5 dollars if getting a haircut where i live costs 4x that?

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How to de-Google-ify your website to make it faster and more visitor friendly

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app is finally being removed from the directory for using . Among other things, it forces users to execute a (j/s that would fail the test)

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Dear npmjs: Please get rid of your active attacker, that means Cloudflare.

npm update fails because Cloudflare is actively blocking updates meaning more vulnerable systems out there.

Access denied | used Cloudflare to restrict access

#WTFMoments #SysadminLife

Activist boosted a Reddit style alternative with plans to federate...

Interestingly, signing up took a few seconds, and providing an email address is optional 👍

Follow @LemmyDev for updates via #mastodon

#reddit #opensource #fediverse is on . Is this site for some obscure frill group that values but not or ?

AT&T is blocking : I have no sympathy for customers - they're supporting a notorious abuser who took part in project , helps , sponsors , has ties, fed , bribed Miguel Santiago in another attack, etc.

NPR is broadcasting a story on banning cashless stores right now.

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No right to anonymous communications? European Court of Human Rights rubber-stamps mandatory SIM card registration laws. Read my comments:

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📰 Amazon 'used neo-Nazi guards to keep immigrant workforce under control' in Germany | Tony Paterson

That's _immigrant_ workforce the name of the company, HESS refers to one of Hitlers deputies, they wore "black uniforms, boots and with military haircuts", "Thor Steinar" brand clothing that Amazon doesn't sell because it's associated with the far right.

dems: why not register as a & vote against in the primaries? Why not take the opportunity to vote against Trump twice, since it matters more that Trump is booted than who replaces him?

i want a top 20 list of companies who collectively sponsored the senators who blocked the subpoena of in the trial to .

just ran a ad claiming if you buy a 6-pack, they will convert 6 sq.ft. of land into organic (non ) farmland. Yet most viewers don't know that Anheuser-Busch owns Michelob. A/B is an member, thus finances , lobbies against environmental protections, & supports candidates. Don't be fooled by this ad.

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Hey #fosdem hackers! We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software be made available under a #FreeSoftware licence!

More and more people join this deamand every day. Do so as well and sign our open letter:


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