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Shell's boss is complaining. If #Shell cuts oil and gas quickly enough to stay within a 1.5C scenario it will collapse. Well Ben, it's either that or a managed dismantling of the company. Your choice? #ShellMustFall

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#AxosInvest is not a #CloudFlare site *yet*, but they have plans to follow the path of Axos Bank (which is CFd). Now would be a good time to contact them & protest, especially if you have an account there. Tell them you do not consent to CF seeing your sensitive financial data.

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This is very much worth thinking about given the current events:

"As we say in Germany, if there’s a Nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there talking to him, you got a table with 11 Nazis."

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For those who haven't been paying attention

if there's something that is censored, I pay more attention to it and I give more attention to it.

If Facebook/Twitter pre-emptively prohibit something from being shared, you are more likely to see it shared by me, possibly with comment.

I am strongly anti-censorship and especially on the scale of Facebook, Twitter or PRC I *will* share stuff that goes against the grain if it even looks like it could possibly be accurate.

.org just got evil-- now they redirect you to after entering a search query. Note that is harmful to the as it's now in the fossil fuel business.

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@bojkotiMalbona @LemmyDev @joli

I'm asking if anyone knows of a 3rd-party credit card that works on the network, now that True Value has discontinued their card.

.ml ownership censored my question (in my own community that I moderate)-- apparently their anti-capitalism beliefs won't allow credit card discussion even when the ultimate goal is to find a card that's less socially irresponsible than the typical options.

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@FediFollows @LemmyDev #Lemmy performs hard coded censorship. I refuse to use #Fediverse software that is censorous at its very core.

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@witchescauldron @dsfgs When deciding which node to use, it'd be useful to be able to review samples of content/accounts that were censored.

the developers who run are censoring posts that discuss the status of the mail server.

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If you want #Tmobile "Home Internet" service, you must order it online. If you call Tmobile, they have a policy to refuse to tell you whether it's available in your area. The only way to find out is to 1st solve a #Google #CAPTCHA. And assuming you're willing to solve the CAPTCHA, you must already have Internet (in which case you don't need to order it in the 1st place).

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@yogthos is following the & playbooks-- show ppl an ad claiming to do something for the environment, while financing republicans (who trash the environment). Sadly it works b/c consumers pay no attention to political financing.

As someone who boycotts , I have to shop on small hole-in-the-wall websites. It's baffling that shops are requiring a in order to place an order. They apparently don't know that ppl like myself refuse to solve those. They also seem to have lost sight of who serves who in a merchant-customer transaction.

Democrats speaking at the confirmation hearing should be prefixing 's name with "impeached". So mentally add that word as you hear the hearing.

It has been discovered why the evangelical nutters are supporting : they believe the non-believer has been chosen by God to work miracles on Earth, triggered by their belief that Trump's assassination of Soleimani is a biblical prophecy.

I shit you not:

If dies of , it will:

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If you you oppose gun control, immigration, welfare, & healthcare for all, & you support 's appointment of (who signed an extremist anti-abortion letter), then you are *not* . You are simply pro-forced-birth.

non-CF alternate to :

/cc @schestowitz

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@jaze The idiots running () are actually subjecting everyone who visits that site to . Signing that exposes your PII to CF.

Dear , , & : your inability to protect yourself from is a reflection of your incompetence in keeping your nation secure.

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