As I have posted in the past, we need to #boycott companies like Unilever, Cargill, PepsiCo, Mars, Nestlé, Danone, etc,..

Stop Blaming Cows and Start Targeting the Corporations that are Destroying the Amazon - via @shareaholic


@patricksudlow I all things in this infographic. It's also a good way to know what products are Unilever.

Yes, I have a copy downloaded, the only problem is, it is always changing. I came across a report from 2017, dealing with the matter of mega-mergers:

@adinfinitum @patricksudlow @adinfinitum @patricksudlow wow.. that thing wins the chartporn contest for sure. I would love to know how to auto-generate something like that from data of my own.

@adinfinitum @patricksudlow That's cool, although I suppose it means he had to make that manually. The only that autogens diagrams is AFAIK, and it would not be able to produce the Frackogram.

Bit of a bummer Paul is on . I can't follow Twitter users.

Oh, yes indeed! I interviewed him many years back & he said it was months & months of cut n paste!!
Paul usually presents his work each year @GreenGathering festival in Wales, UK.

@adinfinitum @patricksudlow is a site so it's useless to me & in fact should be discouraged.

Ohh. bad. Centralised US-based servers, double bad. Surely the code enables a self-hosted decentralised solution, no??

Yes, these conglomerates are incredibly unethical.

We like to use the S.O.L.E. check. Sustainable, Organic, Local and/or ethical. If it ticks one of these criteria then its worthy of your dollar.


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