As I have posted in the past, we need to #boycott companies like Unilever, Cargill, PepsiCo, Mars, Nestlé, Danone, etc,..

Stop Blaming Cows and Start Targeting the Corporations that are Destroying the Amazon - via @shareaholic

@patricksudlow I agree that large-scale boycotts are good. My approach is to only buy things when I need to, and pick the most local/ethical supplier available when I do. To clarify though, I don't think anbody is blaming cows, rather those financially incentivizing cow *farming*.

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the "stop blaming cows" traces to this quote: "some forms of ranching – on well-maintained pastures with rotational grazing and the limited of fertilizers – can sequester carbon and help us face climate change." The author seems biased considering the statement "The problem with eliminating meat from your diet is that you do not know if you are affecting the large-scale Brazilian rancher or the struggling family farmer who lives down the road."

@patricksudlow @strypey In the end, even if we accept the study & also believe that it's politically possible for consumers to select carbon-neutral beef, there's no significant harm in the vegan path. I can put the sympathy for small poor farmers below . Such farmers should farm something else.

@patricksudlow @strypey Until a trustworthy "Carbon Neutral" label appears on beef products, going is the best way to execute that .

Yes, and while we are at it, lets boycott all those brands outright [on ethical grounds](].

Hi and thanks for informing us of this Cloudf*ck free instance. Only trouble is this instance has a character limit :(

@patricksudlow @strypey

Yes. seems to be using a backend that delays fetches over .

It can work sometimes but it takes some time and may timeout. Seems to make the site useless for its intended purpose, being to check brands conveniently while . :)

The app could benefit by being and keeping the database on the user's device.

Databases could be DLed based on country of interest, like maps.

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