Dear shoppers,

To be part of the solution, plz:

* avoid , who was caught funding using .
* avoid /new/ goods unless it's food. Buy /used/ goods or buy services.
* avoid products or services of members (e.g. AT&T, , , , ) b/c ALEC funds climate denial.
* if the gift is for a car driver, buy them a gas g/c NOT from , , or (to mitigate recipients who would buy from the worst)

Dear shoppers (2/2): * don't ship anything using or , as both are members. FedEx is worse. That leaves USPS.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo Most online shopping sites don't let you choose, if you're an Amazon Prime member they deliver instead of UPS or Fedex but you also said Amazon funds climatedenial :|

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo Several Mastodon Instance use Amazon S3 for file storage and pay Amazon a monthly bill to use their services. Will avoiding shopping at Amazon change anything? I generally buy lightly used hardware before buying new hardware. My desktop is from an electronics recycler though I did have to buy a graphics card, upgraded power supply, and more RAM new as it wasn't available used. Locked into a several year contract with AT&T :|

@catgirl @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo
> Will avoiding shopping at Amazon change anything?

as always the answer is: yes if enough people do it. or more precisely, its effectiveness increases with the number of participants.
ie.: do as much as you can and support people who wanna transition away from destructive systems.

I Amazon b/c I don't want a single penny of mine to empower them. They finance , they hire members & , and their excessive packaging is wasteful. Apart from issues, Amazon is an extreme & they are likely the world's biggest spender on . Their AWS is the cause of widespread . So is evil in countless ways.

regarding Mastodon nodes, indeed some use or , both of which are quite evil suppliers.

It's a shame that some admins have missed the point about . We should avoid CF and AWS nodes. In fact, I would welcome a movement to blacklist them on other nodes in the spirit of (which is part of the purpose).

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo uses Cloudflare, and I think S3 behind it. Should they be banned for federating with people? What about people using Cloudflare for DNS but not the proxy service? There aren't many free DNS providers, not everyone gets free dns from their domain registry :|

I'm disgusted to find that (deployed by the project) is naive in this way.

There's both an ethical issue & a practical issue w/#centralizing a node on . The default CF settings block users, so we can't visit ppl's pages. Even when that obsticle is gone, our is abused and our traffic empowers CF.

I refuse to follow users. I should also do the same with users.

TY for pointing this out.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo Not sure if it helps instead of Amazon, but I use Digitalocean Spaces for file storage and Hetzner Cloud (Hetzner is good about recycling hardware and uses renewable energy). I'm not using Cloudflare at this time with the exception of their DNS Service (They do not block Tor users on their DNS Service)

i'm not even sure how ppl get into a situation of needing DNS service. When I buy a domain name, the service that brokers the domain to me naturally includes DNS. And if you don't have a domain, there are gratis DDNS services like that of

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo For the safety of my users I purchase directly from the .IS Registry ISNIC, not from a third party registrar, in a way I'm my own domain registrar and I pay a premium for the privilege. You need to setup DNS on your own, it's not the registries responsibility to give you DNS aside from setting NS & DS Records. and similar free offerings are generally slow and unresponsive. Digitalocean DNS is provided by Cloudflare The majority of this sample of sites is using

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo DNS provided by Cloudflare. Linode is using Cloudflare DNS as well. From this sample three out of seven sites were using a provider other than Cloudflare. DNS providers are putting Cloudflare in front of themselves so you can't always get away from Cloudflare that way.

I recall having issues with . I don't quite recall but I think it's linked to involvement. Anything CF touches turns to shit. I use to rid CF sites from my search results. But I still get annoyed when following a posted link only to find it's been ClownFucked.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo With the exception of fosstodon, all of these instances from the federated timeline are using Cloudflare, some indirectly. It'll be very difficult to completely isolate yourself from Cloudflare.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo Hi so just an update. I setup #DNS with the #Icelandic company and am no longer using Cloudflare for DNS Services. I'll again point out registrars (resellers from the registry) are not obligated, and registries (people who manage the zone) simply do not have to provide DNS. I am essentially my own domain registrar by purchasing my .IS domains directly from the registry. I do this for an added layer of security. I hope your concerns here have been addressed.

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