Hi Fediverse 👋

it's @tobias here, broadcasting via this new fediverse account representing (formerly) #switchingsocial 🎉

Please follow, dm and @ this account for everything related to the English version ... as @swisode wants to write German posts again 😁

It's been one week since the #shutdown. There hasn't been any news from the original author yet. So, I believe, it's on us to keep this project alive.

Please stay tuned as I'll ask for support here - after some more preparations. 💻

@switchingsoftware @swisode @tobias I'm glad you condemn change .org (switching.software/replace/cha), but there is a much better reason to avoid than what you give. Change.org is a site, which means ppl are *excluded* from signing . Petitions to be available to all ppl. CF is also a privacy abuser, so supporting a good cause becomes entangled w/a bad actor.


@tobias @swisode @switchingsoftware note that has the same problem (). Consider suggesting thepetitionsite.com as an ethical and inclusive alternative

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