Past things in technology I still miss:
4:3 Monitors actually good for working and not designed to watch videos

Rear connectors on notebooks
Make that a full set of connectors on notebooks

Products designed to last for years (once know as quality)

Quick release batteries on notebooks

Non-soldered on parts, also know as user upgradeable

Software you could buy, once and then use for however long you wanted instead of subscriptions

Way to often: privacy

@IzzyOnDroid @thewk docking station solves a couple those, but really it's best just to use a ~10 y/o notebook b/c that's the only way to avoid the spy chip. AFAIK, it's impossible to get a new spy-chip-free notebook post-2008.


Are Librem or Pine64 ARM laptops also spyware "enabled"? Richard Stallman famously used/uses a Chinese-make MIPS laptop.

I shouldn't suggest having too many computers and create more landfill material for the future. But, a AMD64 or POWEE compute machine even with spyware might be tolerable if never to be connected to the Internet. A libre "netbook" for everything else?

@IzzyOnDroid @thewk

@wyatwerp @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @IzzyOnDroid
I have to admit, I am not sure what chip exactly the spy chip should be. Purism is butting a lot of work in getting no spy products out, maybe the could comment on that?


@thewk @IzzyOnDroid @wyatwerp Last time I checked, the Trustzone & Intel M.E. can't be entirely disabled b/c it's necessary for booting. Software can eventually disable it, but is that too late? For me, it doesn't matter, b/c to buy a spy chip still supports a market that works against non-corporate consumers. And indeed avoiding environmental detriment is also a good reason to stick with pre-2008 h/w.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @IzzyOnDroid @wyatwerp
Ah, you are looking at the tpm chips, agreed, they are very much unneeded for customers (I can disable it on my thinkpad in bios)
As far as I know neither pinebooks nor purisms notebooks have these

@thewk @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @IzzyOnDroid @wyatwerp not the TPM, the Intel Management Engine, and you can't disable it unless your ThinkPad is very old (X200/T400 or older) and you flash something like Libreboot.
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