#Ecosia is a #solarpunk search engine!

"Did you know that the CO2 footprint of an average search is estimated at 0.2 grams? Not so with Ecosia. We build our own solar plants so we can supply enough clean energy to power our searches. This is even better than buying renewable energy from existing plants, as the plant can deliver clean energy to the grid and replace electricity derived from fossil fuels."

@strypey I've almost planted 1000 trees with my searches 😃

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Yeah, but that is a flawed comparison. It's not like if Ecosia would stop working with Amazon, Amazon would lose 1 year worth of profits.

@PaulaForFuture @aran @strypey @lychee @officialcjunior @wion undoes 10 years of 's tree planting effort every year. How is that acceptible? That's not even accounting for Amazon's fossil fuel business. How is it okay that Ecosia patronizes a top adversary to their cause? Ecosia should be calling for a on Amazon & they should lead by example.


> Amazon (Ecosia's partner)

Citation please? What is the exact nature of Ecosia's "partner" relationship with AmaSin?

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@strypey @aran @PaulaForFuture @lychee @officialcjunior 's privacy policy says they use for advertising campaigns. Also if you check out their IP, it's Amazon-owned (they're using , which only uses 50% clean energy).

@officialcjunior @lychee @PaulaForFuture @aran @strypey I found a lot of problems w/Ecosia, but there are several good-cause alternatives. I still need to research them so I'm not vouching for any, but they are: ekoru.org, everyclick.com, lilo.org, elliotforwater.com, search.givewater.com, & givero.com. Warning: givewater & everyclick are also on AWS.

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