@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo In case you didn't notice, my bio says that I cater to "normal" people, as in "the average person." Not everyone is going to ditch their phone and self host everything. DDG is not the best alternative but it's way better than Google. I am not going to dedicate my feed to pushing user-unfriendly extreme measures. I'm trying to get "the average person" to take their first baby steps.

@thenewoil which search engines are you excluding on the basis that they are too difficult for "normal avg ppl" to use?

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo none that I’m aware of, but I’m also not going to discourage someone using DDG over Google.

@thenewoil you should be discouraging both. They're both quite harmful to privacy. It's even worse what DDG does b/c they use deception - it's a wolf in sheep's clothes. Google is transparent about their privacy abuses. Either way, no privacy proponent promotes either of them.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo k. You can feel free to start your own website encouraging any service you want.

@thenewoil of course i can start my own website. Even more importantly, I can spotlight misinfo and bad advice. It's a to advocate & at the same time, and I will call it out when I see it.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @thenewoil Anything taken from Google is favorable to #privacy long-term, given their reach and ambitions. Among not-Google's, companies publicly hammering privacy as a value are helping by making privacy a clear value to consider when choosing #search.



@spoon @thenewoil When well-informed privacy advocates condemn , we can still benefit from creating general demand for . There is no conflict there. To us, DDG is a tool that works for privacy & against privacy at the same time. Our duty as privacy advocates is to steer ppl away from DDG, which doesn't counteract DDG selling ppl on privacy in general.

@LWFlouisa @thenewoil @spoon The ceo (Weinberg) has been a predator since 2006 (before DDG's founding). w.r.t the company, it was around 2013 that DDG was 1st caught violating their own privacy policy.

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