Recent shifts at US Agency for Global Media & Open Tech Fund are very concerning. OTF has always been a supporter of open source tools (including Tor) fighting for internet freedom, and their funding transparency has built trust with users. It's time to #saveinternetfreedom!


@torproject I don't know if it's more perversely foolish that this so-called "" site is on , or that is pimping a CF site. /cc @uniq @switchingsoftware @ooni @brainwane @drron @CCC @matrix

They are also moving their to . Go to their trac page and you'll see the warning message and that they have moved to Gitlab, and the trac is read-only.


Doesn't Gitlab have a /#CloucHore wall? It also requires .

How does resolve these issues?

@torproject @uniq @switchingsoftware @ooni @brainwane @drron @CCC @matrix

@dsfgs @matrix @CCC @drron @brainwane @ooni @switchingsoftware @uniq @torproject .com is indeed -hosted & proxied via . It goes against the values of the community. I think you'll be relieved to see they aren't using the *service*, but rather they are self-hosting the software. I don't know of any real issues with the software if well-configured.

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