DuckDuckGo burned a truckload of goodwill with me today

Their DDG-branded web browser for Android has a feature which [it doesn't matter what it does by design], but as a side effect it sends every URL you visited to DuckDuckGo's servers. That is the single worst thing they could do as a "privacy" focused web browser.

When this was pointed out to them, they doubled down. For a year. It took an HN front page (in the comments section they doubled down *again*) and 10 hours of arguing with them before the CEO stepped in and agreed to remove the feature.

@sir are there any search engine competitors that are actually usable?

@kungtotte @sir i changed from ddg to searx a couple of months ago and im really happy with it. its also possible to host it yourself

@dsvdv @kungtotte searx is a meta-search engine and those are dumb and lame


@dsvdv @kungtotte @sir DDG also *pays* MS & Verizon for search index access, so DDG ends up helping unethical tech giants profit. Searx instances are better than that. They usually *scrape* other services to get results without financing them.

@sir @kungtotte @dsvdv the scraping sometimes leads to blank results, but there's a instance that sources from other searx nodes - only the best quality ones, and it filters out sites to boot. It's only: ss.wodferndripvpe6ib4uz4rtngrn

@joaopinheiro @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo

They have their own search robot, but most of the results come from Bing.

>The IP used to connect to this webserver is

Which has a reverse ending "" aka Bing

@joaopinheiro @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo

Seems to be used for some results (testing done with toggling the "Country" option to "France" and asking in French)

On third page there's this result:

"Mon IP :"

Which has reverse ending to ""

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