I'm absolutely done with #lemmy. I report to the #NLnet foundation that the lead behind lemmy legitimizes genocides and supports authoritarian regimes.

The NLnet foundation grands lemmy 45.000 €.

Do not give support to people that legitamize genocides!

Do not support those that organize towards mass murder!

Do not support tankies!

Learn more about tankies in this essay:
"Tankies and the Left-Unity Scam"


@syster I actually prefer if moderators have a quite different views than my own because it makes it possible to detect when they abuse their power to . Both nodes (dev.lemmy & feddit) have demonstrated propensity to abuse their power. I would not have noticed had my views aligned with them.

@syster I'm done feeding & I regret promoting it to this point. It's okay to censor obvious garbage (spam/uncivil bigotry) but and censor civil posts when they disagree with the *ideas*. Plz tell me when a node emerges that is not run by extremists who censor opposing ideas posted in a civil manner.

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