"Should I use KeePass 2, KeePassX, or KeePassXC?"

✔️ Use KeePass 2 – this is the original KeePass, primarily developed for Windows. However, it can be used on Linux, too.

✔️ Use KeePassXC – this password manager indirectly originates from KeePass 2. Most features are similar to KeePass 2.

❌ Don't use KeePassX – development ceased in 2016.

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@infosechandbook i think keepassxc is the Vetter Option. The community is just bigger now than keepass

@MaSven @infosechandbook KeePassXC connects to a #CloudFlare site (#HaveIbeenPwned) to check for breaches. It tells both HIBP & CloudFlare your IP address, that you are using #KeePassXC & how many different passwords you use as well as how many of them are alike.

@infosechandbook @MaSven If a user is foolish enough to create an account on any CloudFlare site, CF already has their full pw and can use it see whether you reuse that pass on other sites.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @bojkotiMalbona @MaSven @infosechandbook I'd be interested to read more on this subject, seems it can be built without networking keepassxc.org/docs/#faq-securi
What are the current alternative suggestions to use instead (with browser integration and server client options ideally)

@bojkotiMalbona @infosechandbook @MaSven @bojkotiMalbona Bruce Schneier developed a good password manager () which made it onto several platforms (phones & desktops). There was even an major-mode for password safe. It was great until the project was abandoned & killed off. PWsafe was then forked & the db evolved to be incompatible w/the old.

@MaSven @infosechandbook @bojkotiMalbona so I'm a refugee of what was the best password manager -- looking for something that lives up to the standards of the old .

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