30% of results from mainstream search engines now reflect sites. This is quite alarming, and it clearly shows that a majority of the population lacks the discipline to boycott CloudFlare.

@sphyphes CloudFlare is the Monsanto of the web -- just as Monsanto is trying to take control of the world's food supply, is trying to take control of all websites in the world. It's a detriment to security, netneutrality, human rights, democracy, & the environment. See

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo I couldn't be convinced by everything in the article, but it was a really interesting one
How should I protect myself against it?

@sphyphes I avoid all websites. There is a FF plugin that will detect when you try to visit a CF site so it can redirect you to an version of it. is much more trustworthy, but you don't really have to trust them if you use Tor. There is also a search engine for Tor users that gives results without CF sites:

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo I don't think it's a matter of discipline right now. No-one in the "normal" world has a clue what Cloudflare is and why this might be bad.

There is literally no talk in the about how insidious is, because they are part of the same complex.

They just keep pumping extremist content to kids and people until one carries out a then the media makes a song and dance about the website, not Cloucflare though, then the site shuts down and Cloucflare waits a bit before opening up another , and the cycle continues.

Cloucflare is a

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