@eff has links on that direct users to EFF's , , , & accounts. Is that a good move?
Does it help EFF's mission more than it hinders to have these links displayed on their public website?

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @eff It's a tough one and begs the question of target audience. And then again, you don't want to convey upfront that having an account at these places is *not* part of the problem...

@realTimo @eff users will find EFF on FB & can then click over to When someone arrives at, what benefit is the link from to FB? It seems wholly counter productive to send ppl from the free open world into fb/twtr/yt/ig

Most people don't think critically!
I used to share FB is bad items in FB to encourage others to leave. Knowing they are there makes it easier to share.
Pros & cons.

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