Americans: don't just put up a sign on your front yard. Pair it with another sign, like "End racism" or . Otherwise you're just stating a position which seems useless. 2 signs are more likely to make a difference.

Six signs we suggest.

End the Fed (is probably the best sign).

Delete CEOs

"NATO disband" (how Pres' ends wars and occupations)

Fair trade (with a 'Bitcoin B' above)




@musicmatze republicans rent large billboards for signage "voter fraud is a felony". It works. They don't dump money on that for nothing. Voter intimidation discourages legit votes.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @musicmatze what does voter fraud being felony have to do with regular voters?

@a7 @musicmatze There are borderline cases, like someone who does an interstate move, or someone who is a yr short of voting age (but will be voting age at election time), or someone who was a convicted felon. The purpose of the "voter fraud is a felony" sign is to intimidate those people into not voting.

@musicmatze @a7 This strategy works for republicans b/c republicans are die-hard voters (unaffected by intimidation), whereas libs are quicker to give up the vote (they won't bother looking into details to make sure they can vote).

@a7 @musicmatze any liberal who has some uncertainty about their situation, which could be as trivial as living with someone but not having proof of residency, will likely not vote after seeing that republican-posted sign.

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