#NewHampshire :nh:
#RhodeIsland :ri:

Your states have #PrimaryElections today, Tuesday, September 8th. A significant portion of voting was done by mail, but if you still need to cast a ballot, see these sites and be a voter.

New Hampshire: app.sos.nh.gov/Public/Reports.

Rhode Island: wpri.com/news/elections/ri-pri

NH has an important primary for governor and every race in both states is important. #Vote #GOTV :voteblue:

@TonyStark As much as we need to in this November, is not a good state to vote in because all voter registrations go through , thus sharing all voter's personal data with a abuser.

Please do not attempt to suppress voters on my instance. I'm well aware there are many attempts by Trump supporters to press false stories like this on social media to try and take away people's desire to vote.

#RhodeIsland needs and has a right to vote.

@TonyStark I understand you don't like the facts (which you call "false stories"): digwebinterface.com/?hostnames You need to at least adapt so your stance is compatible with facts.

I will crawl over broken glass to vote.

Rhode Islanders need to vote no matter what. And a search like that proves nothing.

I think Vladimir is calling. Go pick up the phone.


@TonyStark If you don't trust digwebinterface.com, you can see proof that voter reg. data is shared with just by running your own dig command (in linux, that's "dig vote.sos.ri.gov")

@SteveRogers @TonyStark Your elections are corrupt. You can't claim to have the "right to vote" if that right is contingent on sharing personal data with a privacy abusing tech giant ()

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