If you you oppose gun control, immigration, welfare, & healthcare for all, & you support 's appointment of (who signed an extremist anti-abortion letter), then you are *not* . You are simply pro-forced-birth.

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It's not as black & white as you make out. Supporting one person's appointment doesn't mean supporting everything they support. One cannot please all the people all the time.
It not good to throw the baby out with the bathwater!


@Horizon_Innovations @schestowitz Even in the quite unlikely scenario that a pro-choice proponent would favor , this doesn't obviate my statement. You cannot claim to be if you oppose gun control, immigration, welfare, & healthcare for all (as so many self-described pro-lifers do).

That is you opinion. In some countries (like Australia) where there is gun control less lives are lost to shootings, therefore gun control is part of pro-life. Gun control isn't about no guns, it's about the right guns in the right hands.

@Horizon_Innovations gun control is indeed. This is exactly what I'm saying. To oppose gun control (which means allowing guns in the wrong hands) is obviously /not/ pro-life. And to expand my point, wearing a mask & supporting environmental regulations is also pro-life.

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