As someone who boycotts , I have to shop on small hole-in-the-wall websites. It's baffling that shops are requiring a in order to place an order. They apparently don't know that ppl like myself refuse to solve those. They also seem to have lost sight of who serves who in a merchant-customer transaction.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo those things are annoying, but what exactly is the reason to refuse? I might start doing so too if there's a good reason for it.

used to use to digitise . A good and fair use of the , if and only if, you can access said . Remember the two word , that's what they were.

These latest ones are about helping produce . I don't trust them to do this. I done trust anyone to do this.

Don't do them.

If you must, use the variant, and be creative with it *wink*.


@dsfgs @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo ohhh so that's why. I guess I can be creative with the voice variant if I must


@human_dude @dsfgs profits from the solving in a variety of ways. The fruits of the human labor has direct value. Google also usually knows *who* is solving the CAPTCHA & on what site, which then becomes part of that user's known browsing history that feeds the filter bubble. When Google profits, a abuser & fossil fuel supplier profits (Google partnered w/Total fuel co.)

@dsfgs @human_dude the puts humans to work for machines when it should be the other way around. It also puts customers to work for suppliers, which is also backwards. Not to mention that CAPTCHAs discriminate against ppl w/disabilities & ppl w/slow Internet svc.

@human_dude @dsfgs Graphical CAPTCHAs are also detrimental to the environment, as images consume far more energy than HTML and they block the most environmentally respecting of all users: those who use text browsers.

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