According to my search for "FreeJulianAssange" I am one of three people who have used the tag. In the past month. I know this is wrong.

@witchescauldron There really does seem to be something seriously wrong with your server. We know that you personally are not administering it so we are not blaming you. Can you please explain what company is doing the hosting. Is it a particular datacenter? Who are they? We are getting increasingly concerned about ?

@dsfgs we host here would be better if we self hosted as we do with and and etc. but we have limited volenter crew and are spread thin. Need more crew as we roll out more services. This is what we have for now.

Understood. Something isn't sitting right, though.

Maybe we need to talk to other servers to try and identify what is going on here.

Our impression is that either other instances are blocking us for no good reason, or our server itself has been hacked/compomised in some way.

Sad... but that is our take. One example, come to think of it, we've not seen any activity in months.

We can't spend time on a platform if we're being muzzled.

@dsfgs @witchescauldron I heard anti- activist was being censored, so I'm focusing on accounts on other nodes more. One of the serious downsides to : it's really hard to see where the happens. If you get censored on , you know who to blame for it. Which is why I've abandoned . But Mastodon needs to evolve more.


@witchescauldron @dsfgs When deciding which node to use, it'd be useful to be able to review samples of content/accounts that were censored.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @dsfgs at the it kinda says it on the tin, we are and hallmarks don't like spammers, trolls or corporate promoting etc, but we are also open so it's not an auto ban if people engage, but they will likely be removed if they do not do so with good faith.

We remember that Sunny closed his account themself.

They may have rushed to judgement. Sadly.

Agree that. Hunting down a problem can be a but tougher, but if you persist you'll tend to find the problem, and often its not what you think it is.

See my recent probe.

@dsfgs @witchescauldron @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo

You racist censorship administrator.

You clearly limited sunny account SILENTLY without notice, and when I tell this to fellow activists with screenshot you unblocked the account.

Why the hell did you LIMITED in the first place, huh?

@dsfgs @witchescauldron @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo

And no we are not going to waste our time with you.

We are against censorship .Fuck you.

@dsfgs @witchescauldron @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo

Let me shake your memory.

https://(your account)/auth/edit

It was said the account is now LIMITED and all posts are hidden from public view.

@wellwell @dsfgs @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo this was due abusive behaver and sock puppeting more accounts to DM other users with abusive behaver. We do not behave this way on projects, You were silenced by one moderator for the abusive behaver, I then talked to you and un silenced you. You then were abusive and removed the account - also removing the history of the conversations which is a mastodon bug/feature. Hope you are finding your new instance to your liking.

@dsfgs @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo

The is not a place for abusive trolling behaver as it's run by real people for real people.

@dsfgs @witchescauldron the problem with is that the act of censorship itself can be abusive when it's not done with good judgement, and the censorship itself is sneaky & hidden. I won't use b/c the mods abuse their power- censoring ideas they don't like. But what's good about is we can at least review the censorship by reading the modlogs. has no modlogs.

@witchescauldron @dsfgs in this regard, censorship is worse than spam, because the spam is exposed while censorship is not. I never saw spam from the Sunny acct. And since the posts are censored, I can't see what spam triggered the suppression.

@dsfgs @witchescauldron I recall that Sunny was doing activism that worked /against/ an abusive corporation ()-- a corp that bullies ppl & harms human rights and civil liberties.

@witchescauldron @dsfgs I don't recall if the posts were human generated or robotic, but either way a beneficial robot would be useful. We could use a bot that would warn ppl when someone posts a link, because non- users don't generally know when they're being led into CF's of abuse.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @dsfgs that would be interesting the more info the better We are stretched thin so if you have links do devs send um this way :)

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @dsfgs it's interesting to think about accounts and censorship differently as activertypub is instance based and the instances all have their own agender - it's up to the "user" to find a place called "home". it's not up to every "home" to find a place for the "users" - in this it's reveres of the in the end is the option of running your own single user instance - have a look at its complex but this is the price of freedom.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @dsfgs yep that's a feature/bug of mastodon to do with privacy I would think. When someone removes an account all the info goes. basically he was being a nasty teenager - kinda a 4chan type. If people act like that we talk to um for a bit and if it escalates they are off to a new instance - which is no bad thing as they are obviously a bad fit here.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @dsfgs it has them in the admin page so you can check what moderators and admins are up to. we are always looking for more mods as we are a trust based network. As long as they can work in the and PGA hallmarks and have a good record in the site.

In our experience, when you give (and power) to a server, you give trust and power to them. can work for govts, because if they lie, people can blow the whistle. They are big.

initiatives are smaller. So the same is not possible for smaller scale servers. We say, if you share a common interest with them, then you can probably give them a bit of trust (and power). The benefit of the doubt etc.

That's how we see it.


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