@strypey i have to nit-pick the fact that it must be obtained from (git clone github.com/theWebalyst/dweb-bl). I can understand that perhaps they can't eat their own dog food since it doesn't even use the web, but they could have distributed the s/w from sr.ht or the like. Anyway, it seems worth a look.

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for Americans 

Troll a conservative relative. Tell them "all countries matter" today.

@Gargron @dansup Warning to patrons-- the app a bit on the snoopy side (grabs a copy of your clipboard when you start their app): state.substack.com/p/please-le Also note that Patreon's website is MitMd by

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" also pays you for the work your users are doing." (from docs.hcaptcha.com/faq). This means when you solve a -pushed hCAPTCHA, CloudFlare profits from your labor.

@el_joa I'm not sure why you wouldn't simply post your SEPA info on your site.. why wouldn't that suffice? Anyway, I suggest looking here: wiki.snowdrift.coop/market-res

@el_joa Both & are terrible options because they're both sites. CF is quite evil and untrustworthy; it's reckless that they trust CF with financial data. even has the nerve to allow CloudFlare (a giant tech corp) to ask for donations.

@sir @zachdecook the only thing that motivated DDG in the end was that there was a surge in bad PR that threatened their profits, so it suddenly made business sense to fix the "bug".

@zachdecook @sir "laziness" is never a motivator for a corporation. The single motivator is the bottom line. The data was profitable and someone made a calculation that the breach of privacy policy is not actionable unless the victims can prove that the servers logged or made use of the data.

@Coffee @freddyym He's no MLK, and yet was denied freedom of movement b/c he wasn't meticulous enough to clear his phone and then put /some/ harmless data on it to not come off as suspicous.

@freddyym @Coffee when the gay guy made another attempt to enter the US, he came with a clean phone (all data cleared). CBP considered that suspicious and denied him entry on that basis.

@Coffee @freddyym Another example: gay Canadian man was trying to enter the US. CBP denied him entry after snooping through his phone and finding a msg from another gay man looking to hook up. He did nothing illegal, but was denied entry. (if you're not a citizen, you can be denied entry for any reason). sputniknews.com/art_living/201

@freddyym @Coffee for normies caught up in mass surveillance, the data collection mostly just sits, waiting until someone needs leverage against you. Most will never know the threat is there. Privacy is like guns and condoms- better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Privacy is also like virginity- once you lose it you can't have it back.

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@thenewoil US republicans won't like Schneier's article - lol. Republicans, who are often miscredited for being good on .

@thenewoil US republicans won't like Schneier's article - lol. Republicans, who are often miscredited for being good on .

@freddyym @Coffee why does that matter, some will ask. Because abusers of privacy are often nefarious in other ways, e.g. Amazon, Microsoft, & Google are all involved in the fossil fuel biz. We need boycott tools to fight , and privacy is the tool for that job. We can fight climate change by denying our data to Amazon, Google, and MS, thus reducing their profit.

@Coffee @freddyym and since data is worth more than oil, to lack privacy is to lack control over a valuable asset.

@freddyym @Coffee to oppose privacy of an individual is to force that individual to extend needless trust -- trust of those often not trustworthy.

@Coffee @freddyym Martin Luther King is a good example. He was wiretapped despite not breaking the law. The FBI managed to dig up an affair he was having, which they then used against his movement by threatening to embarrass those who would award him with human rights awards by smearing MLK's character.

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@cypnk @valerauko Efforts like scihub and libgen are huge especially for people like me with less priviledged backgrounds studying in lesser universities with poor libraries. I'm doing an MA in linguistics, and I don't have library access to >90% of what I read, and I lack means to buy even <5-10% of that (or even rent...). Simply put, Open Access and related activisim is a true, solid, huge, and invaluable enabler.

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