@realcaseyrollins @Argus is somithing that works in favor of democracy and against the republicans, by encouraging more ppl to vote. It's the D voters who need to be nudged.

@mewmew @verita84 @yogthos @djsumdog well "destroy" is a bit vague. If the planet is beyond a threshhold of bad state, some will call it "destroyed". Repubs are thinking "destroyed" necessarily means total anhillation into many separate rocks.

@verita84 @mewmew @djsumdog @yogthos "We can't destroy the planet. Be honest with yourself" <= we can destroy the polar bears, if rebublicans have their way

@verita84 @mewmew @djsumdog @yogthos I suppose if you want "data" to prove republicans are selfish, you could check out some parking lots where republicans meet and count the SUVs and the like. Likewise, you could count the cyclists where liberals meet and get "hard data" on the number of liberals who are /selfless/

@yogthos @djsumdog @mewmew @verita84 You only need to understand what sacrifice means. It is not a matter of fact. When you give someing up, you're sacrificing. It's as if you're consulting a mathematician when you should be talking to a psychologist

@verita84 @mewmew @djsumdog @yogthos so you think whether someone is acting selfishly is a matter of "fact"? It's not. You're looking for the wrong support.

@verita84 @mewmew @djsumdog @yogthos it's not a data collection. Choosing to cycle instead of the luxury of an SUV is a sacrifice of comfort. Choosing to avoid meat consumption is to give something up -- why do you need "data" to realize that? It's the definition of sacrifice.

@verita84 @mewmew @djsumdog @yogthos "they are only concerned about thenselves" <= we call them climate deniers. Extinction Rebellers are the opposite -- sacrificing lifestyle for social responsibility.

@djsumdog @verita84 @yogthos @mewmew You do realize that the natural cyclic changes became disproportionately higher post-industrialization, right?

@verita84 @yogthos industrialization is 100% human caused. The climate impact is more than 2 fold at that time

@verita84 @yogthos the highs of historic temp recordings worsen dramatically in the industrialization era.

@yogthos @verita84 To blame the full impact of on the handling of one of the symptoms of it is grasping at straws for justification that can only convince someone looking for excuses to ignore the problem -- someone looking to rationalize their own selfish neglect of duty to act responsibly. doesn't work on those who can see past themselves & accept the science.

@verita84 @yogthos the hoax is the claim that cattle farming & fossil fuel burning is a non-issue. The most reckless, socially irresponsible stance one can take is the greed-driven one, which has total disregard for the environment & absolute ignorance of .

@verita84 @yogthos you're conflating cause with effect. The CA wild fires are an *effect* of climate change, which is worsened by republican . The dems & greens accept the science, the republicans do not.

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