I want a phone system that detects when a call comes from an AT&T network, and directs the call straight to a voicemail greeting that says only calls from networks that did not support will reach me.

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@galacticstone It’s also worth noting that while supported in 2016, (now ) took a stand against Trump in 2016.

@galacticstone It’s also worth noting that while supported in 2016, (now ) took a stand against Trump in 2016.

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Did anyone miss the bombshell in the recent news?

AT&T is funding the Trumpist OAN (One America News) network, and they are also the top donors of Texas Republican officials who enacted the new anti-abortion law.

Boycott AT&T now.

#ATT #BoycottATT #USPol

@galacticstone I have liberal friends who use & I'm quite disgusted by it. AT&T is an member & is the biggest offender of unwarranted surveillance in that domain. They've given feds a way to just arbitrarily grab photos from anyone’s phone: vice.com/en/article/m7vqkv/how

@thenewoil I love this part→ “The app would then prompt the user to enter their mobile phone number and email address to access the program's features.” So yeah, that barcode scanning app needs your ph# & email, & the dumb users see nothing off about that.

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Probably around ~90% of my local tree service companies are using #Cloudflare for their websites. They've all unwittingly lost the opportunity to bid on a job that I have for them.

@thenewoil Indeed as expected, is the worst of them: “AT&T holds onto data such as call records, cell site, and tower dumps for 7 years. T-Mobile holds similar information for 2 years, and holds it for 1 year.” is generally more humane & privacy respecting than VZ but this case is an exception.

@haha @paulfree14 hmm.. Pegasus is old news. I think i read about it a year ago or so. Perhaps the leak of 50k numbers is the new news.

@paulfree14 it seems we're missing a bit of context here.. or perhaps my mastodon instance has censored part of a bigger thread. Always hard to tell.

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Shell's boss is complaining. If #Shell cuts oil and gas quickly enough to stay within a 1.5C scenario it will collapse. Well Ben, it's either that or a managed dismantling of the company. Your choice? #ShellMustFall thetimes.co.uk/article/rapid-o

@charlag @codeberg if you don't give a shit about free software, why would you be donating to in the first place?

@sjb @cadadr@toot.cat @Liberapay @rysiek puts some quite untrustworthy entities in the loop who make it more privacy abusing than going direct from bank to bank. LP only gives you anonymity to the recipient (who is usually the only entity you trust with your PII). Cryptocurrency is a great option if you can work out how to actually get some of it privately without in the loop.

@rysiek @Liberapay @cadadr@toot.cat @sjb there is a lack of ethical service to handle the money though. is morally reprehensible: codeberg.org/swiso/website/iss

@humanetech @zleap @nestort @lain @lightone @dsfgs Indeed, when I go to "fediverse.party/" with the EFF's HTTPS Everywhere plugin disabled, it redirects to https as it should. And it does the same when cURL is used (without -L site give "301 Moved Permanently"), so even if someone refuses redirects, there is no compromise.

@cypnk @Tay0 The shame of it is that they are not on Mastodon, so no way to reach them in a publicly visible way that would motivate a good response. They may be on Twitter, but screw Twitter.

@andybalaam I suggest avoiding lemmy.ml.. Their excessive censorship is tyrannical. Find a different node.

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