@humanetech @zleap @nestort @lain @lightone @dsfgs Indeed, when I go to "fediverse.party/" with the EFF's HTTPS Everywhere plugin disabled, it redirects to https as it should. And it does the same when cURL is used (without -L site give "301 Moved Permanently"), so even if someone refuses redirects, there is no compromise.

@cypnk @Tay0 The shame of it is that they are not on Mastodon, so no way to reach them in a publicly visible way that would motivate a good response. They may be on Twitter, but screw Twitter.

@andybalaam I suggest avoiding lemmy.ml.. Their excessive censorship is tyrannical. Find a different node.

@bob moderators also tend to abuse their power to censor and shadowbanning is quite rampant. So they don't even trust the democratic process, which apparently only exists to give the illusion of balance and fairness.

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@icedquinn @FediFollows @LemmyDev @realcaseyrollins The authoritarian attitude of devs is hard-wired into the design such that the whole project should be scrapped. E.g.it would never occur to Lemmy devs that a censored post, whether it breaks rules or not, should be quarantined & preserved in a way that it can be ported to another instance where the rules and standards are more accommodating. Design decisions would resist it

@realcaseyrollins @LemmyDev @FediFollows @icedquinn Lenny can't likely solve this problem though: is hard-coded to require client-side javascript to the point that text of posts is entirely unreachable w/out it. This ruins the use of archive.org, so if a node goes down or if becomes CloudFlared access to content can be lost forever. And if a moderator abuses their power to censor, archive.org is blocked from showing the abuse.

@icedquinn @FediFollows @LemmyDev @realcaseyrollins Lemmy evolved from that but this is not just a coding botch.. it reflects reckless disregard for colatteral damage to legitimate users who have no malicious or nefarious intent or effect. devs & lemmy.ml are tyrants in both their design and especially in their management style. Indeed we need to avoid tyranny, thus different devs, which hopefully will satisfy.

@realcaseyrollins @LemmyDev @FediFollows @icedquinn the slur filter was originally implemented so recklessly that if a substring matched the regex, the UI would hard & fast refuse to accept the whole composition with no specific error, and so users were forced to throw away a potentially long (labor intensive) msg in a way that was blind to the mods & ownership, so the problem wasn't even trackable.

@AgreeableLandscape @rick_777 @imattau @LemmyDev @resist1984 There's no credit card application. The post was in fact *about* the *non-existence* of a credit card application. The post also exposed the fact that another node censored it once already in poor judgement, and Dessalines even acknowledged that in his statement. So there's little excuse here for hasty sloppiness & propensity for trigger-happy on .ml.

@resist1984 @LemmyDev @imattau @rick_777 @AgreeableLandscape Obviously the modlog and thread was removed from .ml b/c of embarrassment. There isn't a shred of legal liability there. It's also clear that the censorship of the act of censorship only occurred weeks later, after it was publically spotlighted.

@AgreeableLandscape @rick_777 @imattau @LemmyDev @resist1984 "cock.li" is a hostname & it's not a slur. The post wasn't about the website; it was about the state of the *IMAP* server. You censored a post that contained no slurs on the absurd basis that another website contained slurs. Even if the website associated to the IMAP svc had been mentioned in the post, it still demonstrates abuse of pwr at .ml.


In another case, Dessalines micromanaged c/personal_finance to censor what he claimed is "spam":


In this case, they've not yet deleted the proof:


This is a case where .ml overpowered a moderator simply to impose their ideology, as chatter about credit cards apparantly encroaches on the anti-capitalist motivation of antifa.

@resist1984 @LemmyDev @imattau @rick_777

The censored thread in c/email was civil, it complied with the rules, and the context was obviously legal. The censorship was not by the community mod, but by ppl higher up at .ml.

It was great demostration of abuse of power. The highly priviledged ppl who abused their pwr should only be censoring when sitewide policy or law is broken, not b/c they don't like the hostname of a svc being discussed & not to save face.
@resist1984 @LemmyDev @imattau @rick_777

It was you who censored the thread in c/email which simply asked what was going on w/the cock.li IMAP svr as it had been down for some time. You wrote in the modlog the reason for censoring: b/c the word "cock" was in the subj line. Then after this modlog was spotlighted as a sample of .ml for a few wks, the embarrassment lead to total removal of the thread & modlog to hide the censorship itself.

@resist1984 @LemmyDev @imattau @rick_777

@djsumdog @cubicgarden @adnan360 i'm not really fixated on how DDG's tracking & fingerprinting culminates into a visible pernicious effect. I'm more concerned about how DDG requires trust (trust that they comply with their side of the privacy policy), & yet they've been caught violating that trust /twice/. At the same time, loyal users continue look the other way in the face of better options.

@adnan360 @cubicgarden DDG's growth shows that people are starting (trying) to care about privacy, but it also shows that people are easily fooled and that even when the facts are presented, DDG marketing overcomes sound reason and judgement.

@cubicgarden @adnan360 To say is in the "imperfect" category is to fail to absorb the article. in the "shit on privacy" category while using a firehose of privacy propaganda to distract from the fact they were cought violating their own privacy policy. These sites are in the /imperfect/ category: mojeek, metager, gigablast, search.disroot.org, searx.gnu.style

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