it's flakey today since is flexing its muscle.. making ToS claims & playing with IP reputation.

w.r.t filing bug reports, I mentioned earlier I have a variety of issues with . Is there an ethical & usable alternative bug tracker for Lemmy?

When the submission is blocked, there is no way for the admins to discover flaws in the code. You'll have pissed off users not understanding what slur was where, and developers not understanding flaws in their code. So both parties are left too blind to remedy the problem.

Thanks for the pattern. I posted a link to "marketwatch.com", and it matched "twats?". This is quite a sloppy expression because it does not match whole words. It needs "\<" on the left side and "\>" on the right side to ensure it doesn't match substrings.

It's also a bad idea to block submission. Someone could invest time in a lengthy post only to have all that effort wasted by a nasty bug. It should accept the post for moderation & warn the user as such.

Another bug:

When creating a new community, I get "Too many requests. 1 per 3600 seconds."

It's my very first "request" of the day.

@LemmyDev @dessalines

/feature request/

Would be useful if we could do this:

$ for pg in {1..2}; do lynx -dump -nolist dev.lemmy.ml/communities/page/"; done | tee cache_lemmy_community_list.txt | grep -iE '(eu|europe|italy)'

Lemmy is shooting blanks (probably due to lacking j/s engine). Note that js-capable text browsers like links and links2 will not work b/c they say "host not found" -- perhaps the ".ml" TLD throws it off.

@jeroenpraat i don't know much about her but recall that she quit wearing natural fur out of . Also considering her proactive role in getting a pardon for and opposition to Black Pete, this all points to having enough heart to be more liberal than not. No idea why she's with Keyne, but her support of Keyne and the fact that Trump did her a favor is pressure to not

@jeroenpraat what little I know about Kim Kardashian, I think she has too much heart to have the slightest positive view of Trump. But there would be pressure for her to not publicly condemn him.

@jeroenpraat iirc Kim Kardashian met with the orange man to secure a good cause presidential pardon for someone unfairly sentenced to a lengthy incarceration. So she'd be hard pressed to publicly condemn the scumbag regardless of her genuine thoughts.

@lesbianhacker @babbage @fdroidorg Since is a lesser of evils, we're stuffed. The other problem with fdroidorg@mastodon.technology is it supports ( abuse & feeds ).

Great idea conceptually from a 10000 foot view.

is an ethical problem though because MC supports the . MC also participates in politically motivated payment blockades, thus abusing its power. E.g. they blocked payments to . MC also runs a -blocking website.


Instead of supporting (a power abuser w/#censorship shenanigans), who then empowers (thus promoting , , & ), it's more sensible (and ethical) to direct users to :


I'll post a bug here, since I will not enter .

Attemps to visit non-existent communities such as dev.lemmy.ml/c/mastodon result in an infinately spinning animation, as if it's trying to load something large.



While it's nice to have them in the , it's sad that they're all flooding into a node that is on . Mastodon.social is a poor choice because it's not trully and it feeds yet another centralized oppressor.

Mastodon.social users should choose a different node. This is important before they accumulate followers, because followers are not portable when switching nodes.

@Prav @lashman

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Its a part of the #OMN