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@ensa @jess @lesbianhacker is pushing for voter suppression policy, b/c voter suppression inherently reduces D votes ( also sponspored the NFL during , & thus acted to suppress the voices of in the NFL. This is most directly relevant to

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"I was emailed after abandoning a registration form. I did not click Submit. This is not ok"

Reason number XXXXX why the web is broken.

Looters need to have more focus. When they loot anything arbitrarily, it dilutes their activism. Imagine if they only looted products made by right-wing supporting companies (e.g. , , , , ). They'd be hitting a somewhat relevant adversary.

Rioters seeking ,

Some of you are hitting completely arbitrary targets (e.g. ). If you're going to destroy a shop, at least choose one with meaning. E.g. companies who sponsored the while the NFL was retaliating against althletes:

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Why most people fail to speak up against authoritarian regimes

History shows that those who have a lot to lose and are keen to climb the social ladder are more likely to conform.

Fellow activists, these corps sponsored the NFL during the oppression fiasco:



Cover Girl
Extreme Networks



(Gatorade, Frito-Lay, Quaker)
Proctor & Gamble (P&G) (Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Old Spice, Tide, Vicks)
TD Ameritrade
Under Armour @UnderArmour
Yum! (Pizza Hut)


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liberals: yet another clear case of a black man dying to police brutality. Conservatives: look! Target is getting looted!

's reputation as a bully is consistent with his threats to regulate social media. So when he fails will he be a pushover & continue using ?

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When someone says "Google it.. it's the 1st hit!", a good response is: "it may be the 1st hit in *your* filter bubble, but we're all different"

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Twitter fact-checks a Trump tweet for the first time - The news: Twitter added a fact checking label to two tweets from US President Donald Trump’s Twitt... more: #misinformation #techpolicy

I enable one 3rd party to run. Website still broken b/c new 3rd prty j/s wants to run. I enable that. Website still broken b/c the 2nd stage of j/s calls for yet another 3rd party. At the end of the chase the website cuts me off b/c i've reloaded too much.

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@kravietz @electricsand Plz boycott . There are several ethical problems w/them. 1) forced use of 2) forces users to run non-free from & 3) direct use of MS & preferential treatment to other Github projects. rationale:

This article is the rebuttal ("his suggestion is wildly at odds with case law, which protects officials in such discretionary actions and decisions.")

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