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@eff has links on that direct users to EFF's , , , & accounts. Is that a good move?
Does it help EFF's mission more than it hinders to have these links displayed on their public website?

we need a "public money => public access" movement similar to the movement. Governments should not be jailing public resources in the private of . Let's get this movement in motion as the orange man gets sacked.

Women-led countries have significantly fewer deaths than male-led countries. And yet security is what women want from men.

When the orange man loses the election, please play "You Can't Always Get What You Want" through a PA system as is dragged out of the Whitehouse.

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If you want a reminder that Nestlé is a horrible person company. When being challenged by the fact that they were draining the wells in a community in South America (I think) because they were taking all the water to their bottled water plant, their CEO said "access to water is not a human right".

Later when companies had to shut down during COVID, they claimed that they needed to stray open because "bottled water production is an essential service".

Forcing people to solve a , such that the payout goes to another party (e.g. from hCAPTCHA to ), is involuntary servitude. When a company with a policy against modern slavery uses CloudFlare, call it out.

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This isn't news for folks in the five states that don't have in person voting of any kind, but for the newbies voting by mail for the first time, here's some help.


A rock-stupid bank near me just "upgraded" the ATM to a capacitive touch screen, during , so that users have to remove their glove to use the machine.

i'm not surprised is doing business with . It's a scumbag bank.. most unethical bank in Europe.

30% of results from mainstream search engines now reflect sites. This is quite alarming, and it clearly shows that a majority of the population lacks the discipline to boycott CloudFlare.

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@MaSven @infosechandbook

Yet another threat from the same vuln: if a #Tor user doesn't think to put #KeePass on Tor, CF could denonimize them by hashing their PW on a CF site and comparing the 1st five chars to what #KeePassXC sends.

i did a .de search on what linux tool to use for ".xz" files, and the first *6* relevant hits were all sites.

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So there was this Twitter thread where some guy just said “give me your most radical left opinion” and at least half the responses were just things like “homeless people should be given homes” and “food is a human right.”

Just think about how badly you have to fuck up a society for basic human needs to be considered extreme

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@infosechandbook @MaSven If a user is foolish enough to create an account on any CloudFlare site, CF already has their full pw and can use it see whether you reuse that pass on other sites.

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@MaSven @infosechandbook KeePassXC connects to a #CloudFlare site (#HaveIbeenPwned) to check for breaches. It tells both HIBP & CloudFlare your IP address, that you are using #KeePassXC & how many different passwords you use as well as how many of them are alike.

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When a bug tracker makes me jump through hoops (#CAPTCHA) or the bug tracker is hosted by an unethical service (e.g. MS #Github or [#CloudFlare]):

Australia was one of 3 countries in the world where a majority of the population approved of Bush Jr. as . Now Australia has a problem with ppl refusing to wear masks -- just like Trump supporters in the US.

The reason so many websites force you through a screen-full click-through legal agreement: search engines are neglecting to down-rank them.

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@schestowitz ACM has been denying open public access to scientific papers anyway. Tor users are blocked because has jailed their host in 's walled garden: The ACM site is also set to give a 302 error to the . Bit embarrassing for ACM to fail at such a simple task.

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