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As if it's not bad enough for .com to be scumbags when users try to use their site, they are now sending bulk unsolicited email nagging ppl to login and verify accounts. Fuck these pricks.

Some banks are allowing users to attempt to login, and then after verifying the creds they freeze the customer's account. Is anyone keeping track of which banks do this?

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Small correction: to "believe" in something is to have faith. Science doesn't require faith.. someone either *accepts* it or they don't.

Air travelers during : to avoid flights that fill middle seats & avoid flights w/connections, add this to your matrix search: ":: f /MAXSTOPS 0; -airlines g4 aa f9 nk sy ua"

To those who roll their eyes when someone plays the Nazi card in an argument (e.g. comparing their opponent to Hitler or KKK): The just refused to condemn a rt-wing hate group in a presidential debate -- & in fact signalled to "stand-by". So no, that kind of vile evil is not behind us.

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@thenewoil Landlords: under gives good cause to put utilities in your name and factor the cost into the rent payment to offer to tenants.

how can ppl be so clung to software when the search function doesn't even support simple operators? Searching issues for "word1 and word2" finds nothing because it's apparently treating the word "and" literally.

auto-updates cannot be trusted. TB suddenly quit working, saying "Your version of Tor Browser is out-of-date," despite the fact that it's an auto-updating browser. Running "firejail --net=none torbrowser-launcher" results in the same error. This means @torproject had the nerve to push an update that did nothing other than self-destruct.

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@schestowitz The is needed precisely because broke the web. This partnership will screw over the free world if CF has any influence over

i would love to get a stack of signs with dumb quotes, drive around town, and post them next to ppls Trump signs. Maybe a few that say "keep America racist" (to contrast with the homes that post Biden signs next to "end racism" signs)

We need signs & bumper stickers that say: "/Impeach Trump Again/ this Nov." -- they'd be a bit more catchy than simply "Biden"

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@TonyStark I agree with @aktivismoEstasMiaLuo here.
Government websites should not use cloudflare. It puts unreasonable restrictions on who can and cannot access the websites.

Why aren't dems mentioning the impeachment of during the campaign? Dems & the media should be prefixing Trump's name.. e.g. "/Impeached/ pres. Trump downplayed the virus..." Don't let ppl forget that during the election.

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@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo this whole issue tracking thing should be federated anyhow.

The perception of convenience is why ppl use . To give them convenience is to be an enabler. don't feed it.

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How to ethically improve a project that lives in MS : 1) torsocks git clone <project URL> 2) fix bugs; make enhancements 3) start a new project on 4) push the improved project to the new repo 5) if you can reach the GH devs, tell them where to find your improved code.

doesn't proliferate racism, , & on his own -- he has the help of & . We should be boycotting /all/ programs not just Hennity.

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